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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

thank god somebody got the "Vacation" reference.

Thanks to Drew, who the hell is Drew?, i now know two things about Liberal, KS.

  1. The second largest ball of twine really is not in Liberal; and
  2. Anyone who has ever lived in Liberal, is constantly reminded of the movie, by yahoo's like me, who see it and remember they know someone from Liberal.

Today is my oldest daughter's birthday. Since she doesn't live with me, and i if can't reach her by phone today,


Anyway, she's 12 today.

O.K. so i have my training schedule posted on the fridge and the dates of each run and alternate dates in case of inclimate weather. My training begins the week we return from York. I have a run scheduled at the Pickerel Festival 10k, the Cherry Festival 15k, Mint Festival, 10k, and the run around Mackinac, or is it Mackinaw, Island 8 miles either spelling it's pronounced aw

That should be enough race experience.

Any thoughts regarding race experience from you seasoned, blog stalking, rather not make your opinions known, addicted to running, and, like myself, using what could be productive time in the office in this inane, yet hopelessly addicting and truly wonderful, manner.

Since i've turned off comment moderation, please feel free.

On the spiritual front, i've started to read Job. So i am still plugging away at the Bible. It would be nice to finish about the time of the marathon.

So i've handled physical and spiritual. i still need help on the financial well-being. Anyone need a loan? really just kidding, well not totally.

thanks again for reading

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Lisa said...

I've been enjoying the first week of my training. Heck, I only had to do 9 miles all midweek! I have 6 miles scheduled for Saturday. Gotta love that!