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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

i'm not running yet.

Well this strain muscle thing just sucks. i tried to run twice last week and both time were extrememly disapointing. Sunday i set out for my 10 miler and made it two. No pain free strides and it took 20 minutes to run the 2 miles.

Big thanks to LISA who gave me a little advice and common sense, and some stretches and the idea to take a couple anti-inflamitories.

So, as i am not running at all this week, i am biking. i will most likely attempt to get back in the running schedule a week from today. This really sucks and, if i let it, could put a nasty damper on the BQ attempt. Or perhaps serve as self-motivating.

Anyway, after talking with LISA, i thought i should go into more detail as to not offend anybody. With regards to my feeling good about getting into a starting corral....i never meant to insinuate anything about others runners. Christ knows i am not the fastest out there.

It was just a goal. For me, the only runner i compare myself to, is me. i can be very competitive and always with myself.

So if anybody was offended, please accept my humble apology.

Anyway....my weight is about 191-195 still as i have lost a little motivation due to this time off. i hope i can start running again next week.

thanks for reading


Nitmos said...

I doubt anyone confused your excitement over the corral with some sort of runners arrogance.

Rest that groin! Plenty, plenty, plenty of time to go for Chicago. You might find that the (forced) rest re-energizes and inspires you.

I know this is futile to say to a confessed obsessive but....don't obsess over BQ'ing Chicago. I think it will happen for you eventually anyhow whether there or not. Just keep training discipline and making incremental gains and you'll BQ before you know it. No sense wasting energy worrying about Oct. 7th or bust.

L*I*S*A said...

Couldn't agree more with Nitmos on this. If it doesn't happen in Chi-Town, it's destined to happen in another race.

See you Thursday...

Kim said...

Hang in there, Mike. You'll get back to your passion soon enough...


Animal said...

Just keep takin' care of yourself, bro. Heal well, heal thoroughly.

Bob said...

I hope you are feeling better you arogant bastard. :-) That was a little joke by the way. I guess I can only assume we are in the same corral, at least if I get there. See you at the starting line.