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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The carousel video has been fixed. YouTube was having issues, I re-uploaded it. Now you can enjoy!!!

Day 2:

Egads! First day of actual training running 6 miles at an 8:11 pace and 4 miles into it my first ever true running injury.

Don't know what happened. I was going fairly slowly. No record pace here. My left leg started to bug me, not the reconstructed knee, that's fine, but the area around my buttocks.

At first, I thought it was left over from the uncomfortable chairs watching the 5th grade graduation ceremony and it would work itself out. But no.

After walking a few steps I realized the idea of running at all was not going to happen and I limped 20 minutes to get one mile. I was still two miles from home. A gracious pedestrian noticed my limp and offered the use of his cell phone to call for a pick-up.

After reading a recent issue of Runners World, I think I have a groin pull based on where the pain is located. Caused by one of two things or a combination of both...overtraining and not stretching....sound like anyone you know????

So now, after consulting with another runner, I'm going to stretch and perhaps not overtrain, nah, I'll probably still overtrain, but I will stretch and take the rest of the week light. I'll make every attempt to run the miles, body willing, but forget about speedwork or pace work. At least it happened early in the training.

For a better understanding of body parts check out Jimmy's Kindergarten picnic performance. In case you can't figure out which ham is mine, he's on the end in the bright yellow shirt.

Thanks for reading!


Animal said...

Jimi looks like he'd be more at home with a plastic guitar in his hands! Little ham, indeed.

Your lilies are cute. My dracunculus would totally have their way with those soft, delicate white petals. Just sayin'.

Heal well, bro.

Nitmos said...

Could be a bit of overtraining. Are you getting enough rest between runs? The only time I had a serious injury scare is when I tried to go on multiple days in a row. Take it easy for a bit and see how it works out. As you said, better now than later.

Kim said...

Take it easy, brother...In my limited experience, not streching can be a disaster. Oh, and I'll Crim with you...8K


Fran said...

Yeah stretching helps a lot. I used to avoid it, but realize now it's a necessary part of training.