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Friday, June 15, 2007

Since the marathon training begins next week, i thought i'd take it a little easy this week.


Here's the deal...it's been nice working at home lately and although it will not last forever i've been taking advantage of some free time and study breaks with some afternoon cross-trains.

Wednesday i rode my bike for 18 miles. Per the Garmin i averaged 4:40 pace. Hard thing about using the Garmin for biking....i kept forgetting to stop and start at lights. So nothing is set in stone but the mileage was about 18 miles.

Thursday...i went for a tempo run. To build up endurance in hit a warm-up first mile, then three speed miles and a cool down last mile. I was at home after 4 miles so i grabbed a leash and took Schubert with me for the last mile.

The Stats:

mile 1 7:40 pace
Mile 2 7:22
Mile 3 7:20
Mile 4 7:17
Mile 5 8:21 damn dog slowed me down too much

Total time: 38:03 pace 7:36

i am sore today, so i think a nice 4-5 mile recovery at about 8 minute miles should work out a few new kinks that have been popping up.

As far as an ice bath goes....the pool is right around 80 so a quick dip is awesomely refreshing....

right Schubert????

Nothing new to add with regards to weight issues, as i will begin posting updates information early in the weeks, although i am still 6'1" tall.

So figure, next week the real work begins. "This is gonna be great!!!!" (to quote Flounder)

Good Luck to Kim....as she runs her first 5k at the Race for a Cure downtown tomorrow.

Thanks for reading


Fran said...

Hey I like what you've done with the blog! You might want to look at the auto pause feature of the garmin. It automatically pauses when you drop below a certain pace.

Mike said...


i'll look more into the autopause. i'm really not a readers manual guy.

Animal said...

I know there probably isn't a huge market for dog pictures, but I think you've captured Schubie VERY artistically! Good eye.

Fun Guv said...

Thank you Scott, it was purely by accident. Was hoping to get a shot for Stuffonmymutt.com!!!

L*I*S*A said...

Since we all know firsthand that Schubert is a herder, it looks like he's rounding up fish. :)