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Monday, June 11, 2007

As Foretold.... a new look.

As always first things first.

Let's get to running as this is now going to be all about progress training blog. Yeah, sure the occasional stupid opinion of mine will be there, but this is a blog of my thoughts and i have been thinking a lot lately about getting faster, thinner, heck dare i say...athletic?

It happens like all potential mid-life crisis must do i guess. A last shot as an approaching middle age mindset with a young mans game. Maybe? i won't deny the feelings of gaining 5 minutes to Boston Qualify, next year, with mixed emotions.

I also figure that based upon my eating, drinking, smoking, malaise, etc... habits over the last 10 years, it's only by the grace of God that i am as healthy as i am. Truly, if there is a higher power, i expect that it would have bigger concerns than me, but hey, whatever....

Next week, the training officially begins. And this is the place where everything is going. Workouts, crosstrains, Body Mass Index figures, diet, weight, alcohol consumption and if nessecary.....nicotine consumption.

So let's start with some basics:

Height: 6'1", i measured halfway through day, with bare feet. This is the one figure that should stay the same all training.
Weight: 194, per bathroom scale. wearing just a smile. i figure to spare you the picture of this
Body Mass Index: 25.59, so i guess i am still overweight??? bummer

i ran a little over 20 miles last week. Not exact, but that starts next week.

i can count on on hand the number of drinks i have had since the Bayshore.

4....the number of cigerettes since the morning after the Bayshore. 2 bummed from Animal's Mom ( how sad is that) at their baby shower. Not Animal and his Mom, that'd be odd eh??? Animal and Ms Tessmacher. No more cravings and they actually smell bad when i bartend, ...again not Animal and his Mom, the cigerettes, geeesh

Second things second......

it is with great regret that i think my little "Vote for Mike '08" is at an end. As fun as pretending to campaign is....it really takes me away from other stuff. Plus there are soooooooo many politically stupid things going on i couldn't filter the ones to blog about. There was tooooo much material: but to save time....

....Free Paris.....not really, i mean, talk about a train wreck
....Love Rosie, and btw Elizabeth.... if you support the war, and since both you and your athletic husband are both under 42.... enlist!!!! put up or shut up.... Lord knows how much the Army loves having football players in the ranks. (ok low blow, but no lower then essentially saying " i support the war, and the troops, as long as i don't have to be one")
.....War on Terror, no such thing, it's all a ruse to distract us from the war on class (literal and figurative)
.... on and on, blah blah blah

Third Things......

Rock Stars, Cars and Guitars at the Henry Ford Museum.....

Mack meets Kiss..... not really, but maybe their car.....

a custom Prowler with a neat

soundboard as a trailer.

How about "the" little Deuce Coupe???

i hope this helps to explain why "cut loose like a deuce" makes sense while....

"wrapped up like a douche" is just gross

But wait this is Rockstars, Cars and Guitars where are the axes....?????

Anybody recognize any of these?????

Oh.... and of course. The absolute pinnacle of the display. The Rolls Royce owned by John Lennon.

Of course a trip to the Henry Ford isn't complete without a quick trip to Greenfield Village to ride the Carousel...

Dammit, Utube is taking so long to load the video..... Soon will be the video of Mack riding the carousel...

Thanks for reading


Animal said...

Love the new look...at first I thought that was Janis Joplin's car. Cool paint job. And yeah, the Kiss Prowler was some sort of giveaway a few years ago: you can plug your guitar right into the dashboard.

The many-necked guitar is, of course, crazyboy Rick Neilsen's. I wonder, do all those necks WORK?? And, what, are they all tuned differently? But, dammit, I don't recognize those OTHER three guitars...wait! Does the axe belong to Rob Zombie?!?

I'm with ya on political blogging lately: there's just TOOO much! Every time I get uptight about an issue and go to blog about it, something ELSE takes its place! Sheesh.

Mike said...

Rick Neilsen multi necked Guitar all work, one's a 12 string, a 6 string, a six string w/ tremelo, then one with different pickups and lastly a fretless guitar.

It was supposed to be spin-able but ZZtop had just done the spinning guitar video, so it had to be redesigned.

The Bass shaped like an Axe? i don't know maybe....Gene Simmons, along with one of Paul and Ace's (the les paul)

btw....bought a Kiss Reunion at Tiger Stadium replica in the limited engagement giftshop.

Mir said...

I like the new look. And very nice tempo run last week--it looks like you have a great start to BQing this fall. :)

L*I*S*A said...

Love the new look of the blog. It's great. I look forward to reading your stats. I'm too chicken to post mine.

Oh, and

I hate Rosie. Bitter lesbian. Why is it we are constantly reminded that she is a lesbian? Do we care? I think we got the picture, sister. You only bring it up every opportunity you get.

I just may watch the View now.

Oh, but only if they get rid of Elisabeth. What a ditz.

Maybe she can go cover Paris Hilton's days in the slammer and stay there.

Gknee said...

The view....sorry...I still miss Meridith and Lisa...Why is Elisabeth even on..cause she got voted off survivor. PUHLEEZ!

Paris..ugh...The only thing cool thing is that to the press she said that she was sure there were much bigger things to report on than her. (Although I'm sure her publicist gave her that)