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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Well, would somebody please insert an Al Gore drowning polar bear joke here.....??

No... ok

How about a reference to this being a picture of the whole family....somewhat explaining the lack of Fun Guv pictures on the blog....

No...not that either...She does seem to enjoy taking the pictures while her ernstwhile ham-it-up husband and children make ok subjects to her art.

Well here we all are at The Detroit Zoo....pleasantly located in Royal Oak, MI. Why so far outta the city. Well being one of the oldest zoo's in the good ole US of A. It's close to the fair grounds, where the circus to this day comes to set up for the greatest shows on Earth. Cept for the really big ones, they go to the Palace or JLA, not Justice League of America, you comic book geeks out there, Joe Louis Arena. Mostly it's a Shriner's type circus at the fairgrounds.

Anyway....once upon a time, the circus's would leave town and forget an tiger or two, and....voila....a zoo is born. Actually, these animals weren't accidently forgotten, they were usually ill or old or both, maybe they were a little cranky and the handlers needed a quick ditch.

So Detroit has a nifty zoo. Since my dear friend L*I*S*A seems to be cynical of all things Detroit, i like to throw out a little culture about my adopted home.

Anyway... Day 3 of training, Wednesday was rest. Which meant crosstrain via stretches.

Day four....Walk the zoo. And go to run 5 miles. Forget about speed work. After three steps, it ain't happening, so i opt to jump on the bike for a few miles to warm up. A nice thing about having 2 reconstructive knee surgeries....i really know how to stretch on a bike.

7 miles later, i'm home and at least run/walk 2 miles. Sheer...utter....agony!!! physically...it hurt, psychological....even worse. i felt worse than 18 months ago when i tried to run my first mile. But compared to having a screw strip itself outta your bone, like your bone was wet plywood...not so bad

On the upside....i feel better and i am confident that i am on the road to recovery. Also, the pain may be just the right emotional preparation for a BQ run. i'll ice it again tonite and keep stretching it out. Unfortunately, my insurance doesn't kick in until July 1st, and a running injury is not worth a COBRA payment. Where's Michael Moore when i need him to take me to Cuba????

Big News...i checked out my registration and officially i am in the Corral C to start the marathon. i feel like a seasoned legitimate runner-type. and.....

we are now proud owners of our first Dreadmill. So the thunderstorms and -15 Michigan winters may not be slowing me down anymore.....once the leg heals.

...and of course....why dogs make better companions than cats (not really big news, i'm a dog person)

thanks for reading


Animal said...

Love the YouTube vids of the family you're been featuring. Cool stuff. I bet the pool has been heaven these last few HOT weeks!

Russ said...

welcome to the wonderful world of dreadmills. if it is in the basement, another benefit is on those 90+ days. though i find i have a hard time being motivated on it in the summer. yes, stretching is important, as i have found out through several nagging injuries that remind me that i'm 40 not 20.

L*I*S*A said...

Don't worry, Mike, I'll pull up the rear with the rest of the scab runners in the back. ;)

Please...do take it easy. Trust me. If you injure yourself, I'll kick your ass for you.

Fun Guv said...

Believe me Lisa, if he injures himself you'll have to get in line to kick his ass, if there is any of his ass left when I'm done kicking it!!!!

Mir said...

I'm sorry to hear about the injury. I know it's hard to be patient, but you'll get better soon. Good luck.

By the way, yep, insurance SUCKS.