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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Day 1:

Well the first training day is over. Whew.....tough day of rest or crosstraining. i did a little ab workout and took a nice walk.

Some stats:

Weight: 192

Food from yesterday: breakfast-Cinnamon Tost crunch ceral Lunch- 2 small slices of pizza Dinner-2 hot dogs. I snacked on some grapes and strawberries.

Not the healthiest of food choices but yesterday was the kids last days at school so Mack had 5th grade graduation to middle school pseudo-ceremony, and Jimmy had kindergarden picnic.

To celebrate some weight loss, i reset my Garmin to display my weight as 195 lbs.

Today is a 6 mile 8:11 pace. It sounds great as to not stress the final weekend prior to training i did not run.

Summer is here as a first sign of summer around our house has been the opening of the TIger Lilly's. Global warming must be true, as they are about a week or two early. Not the stinky ugly mess of Animals Death Metal Man Eating Flower that attracts flies, but to each their own.....i guess.

Anyway.....irony of ironies...while typing, like right now....i get a phone call from right to life. It's a recorded response survey. Any oddity to right to life using a recorded message??? Where's my living person????


Congrats to Kim again. i think i read somewhere that the difference between a runner and a jogger is that runner's fill out race entries. So if you had any doubts...you're a runner.

Thanks for reading.


Mir said...

Hahaha--recorded message from Right to Life--I love that irony.

Good luck with the training!

Mir said...

P.S. Peaches! I love that song!