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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Nothing like a race to help get through the emotional upheaval of an injury...

That's my story and i am sticking to it. As per LISA's advice i took last week off completely from running. Since the previous week was also a disaster what could go wrong?

Last year i ran the Pickerel Race in Algonac and finished second in my age group. This morning was the Pickerel run again. Well, injury are injuries and i figured a nice 10k would let me know if i was on the mend and give me a reason to actually finish. Also, a fellow Rotarian and friend Rich was running the race. We ran together and really just chatted through a gorgeous morning.

I finished in 52:05, with a final sprint to get 3 seconds ahead of Rich. i ended up in third for the age group and really think the small injury prevented a first place. De nada.

More important. i ended with only minor aches and a positive feeling about training again. i should be able to get back to the training program on the next scheduled run, Tuesday. i will be ignoring pace for a few weeks and just easing the hamstring back into shape.

Thanks for all the support and help to everyone with advise as i dealt with my first, hopefully, minor injury.

With regards to other athletic family members.....Jimmy received a week of tennis lessons from his grandmother.
Check out the form???? He's the second from the left. Watch the whole minute of fun....

thanks for reading


L*I*S*A said...

Great job on the race. Did you still score some metal for the 3rd place finish?

Glad your spirits are up regarding the minor bump in the road.

It's better to rest and get the kinks worked out than have to deal with something more serious down the road.

You da man.

Nitmos said...

"Back in the saddle again".

I like your idea to ease back in. You won't have suddenly "lost" fitness for taking a short break. In fact, you'll probably come back stronger than ever for the extra rest.

Nice job at the Pickerel.