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Saturday, July 21, 2007

It's been...one week since i updated, why, so long it's not really like me not to post????

Well, two or three reasons and trust me this one is not meant to be a brain dump. i'm gonna go go with the drive-by quick hit approach:

Daughter Allison, 13 year old, is visiting from waaaaay up north, geography buffs---up means away from the Earth/ down means closer to the ground, therefore no such thing as up north/down south. It's been great to see her, it's been since the Bayshore Marathoon. It's amazing how fast little girls grow.

After passing the Series 7, General Stock Licensing Exam, i still am not done with exams. I had last week and until Thursday at noon to prepare for the Series 66, Financial Advisor Exam. 100 questions, 71 right to pass, 2 &1/2 hour time limit. This is the State Securities Laws exam. As each State can set there own laws for state registration it's fairly generic based on big picture stuff. Of course, since it's a law exam it was written by lawyers. I've had to study 278 pages this week, mostly new material, and take 1000 practice test questions. Next week is another 600 practice questions before Thurdays 1:00pm test.

My back is FUBAR'd. Or at least it was....i have seen the back-quack a total of three times and although i am expecting a clear to run date on Monday's final(?) visit. i've been in some pain.

Leg strain has been determined to have been caused by hip misplacement (where'd it go???) Leg feels tons better now and back is sore. i swear i was in better physical shape when i smoked 1/2 pack a day.

After a hopeful Series 66 passing score, a two week preparation for the Michigan Life and Health Insurance Test. That will be the end of standarized test and i get to spend a week or two in the near future in St Louis, to train on how to actually use my new knowledge.

So next week: Allison goes by up north, Boooo; i get to re-start marathon training, yaaayyy; i get to take another test and hopefully pass, yaaaaayyy; i get to start studying for another test, boooo.

Being a huge fan of live music: i finally was able to see The Police live last Tuesday. Love'd it, great show, opened with Message in a Bottle, right into Synchonicity II, right into Walking on the Moon, from there it was a never ending blur of hits....but since i figure i'll never get to see this band again, why not do Spirits in the Material World or Synchonicity I???? i know you gotta leave the fans wanting more, but i ain't waiting another 25 years for the chance to see them again.

Fun Guv started a new job this week. Customer Service for a local furniture chain. She can't be Lisa anymore. Apparantly, there is already a Lisa there, so she had to pick another name. Although LISA and i thought Neveah would be a good choice (it's heaven spelled backwards), her new employers opted to pick her middle name, Michelle. No lie, this has got to be the dumbest, most de-humanizing policy i have ever heard of. It's almost like a Toby moment

Ok, wrong scene, but in hind-sight, i figured equating Fun Guv's new job to a scene from Roots could be a little bit over the top.....so i went with this scence from Flash Gordon, go Flash go, which might quite possibly the worst movie ever made with a somewhat decent cast of supporting legitite actors, hell even a James Bond.

Woooo, could i get anymore of topic of this posts???????

Big Welcome to Roz, welcome to the family. i can't wait to be that funny "uncle" who teaches you to pull my finger.

thanks for reading


Fun Guv said...

For the record, if anyone decides that it's going to be funny to start calling me Michelle....I will not be amused AT.ALL

The forced name change is just the tip of the iceberg (whenever someone calls me that there I just ignore them and pretend I don't hear them because I refuse to answer to it). To be honest they don't pay very much at all for the level of intellegence they expect (need) you to have to even begin to do the job. The acting office manager last week (the regular one was on vaca and our schedules for next week cause us to not meet until I return from camping...if I go back there at all) she's a total and complete bitch...I'm being nice here. For being in customer service her people skill are completely lacking.

The up-side is she will be moving to the new store once it opens, the down-side is we still don't have a definite date of when that will be. I've heard anywhere from 2-6 weeks.

I think I might intimidate her for the mere fact that I have caught on to the computer system fairly quickly. I was pretty much thrown to the wolves on Monday and had to either sink or swim all week. Fortunately for me I have more than half a brain and I was pretty much able to swim. All week she has been training two new girls that she will be taking to the new store with her and as of Friday they still couldn't enter an order on their own. I stood over one of them and completely walked her through it. The reaction out of the moronic manager was sheer shock and then she asked me if I'd worked in this industry before ~ uh, no and what difference would that make since the computer program they use is completely exclusive to this store chain?

No one else in the office likes this manager either...we are all counting down the days for her departure. That may be the only thing that keeps me going back.

Sorry for hi-jacking the comments, just thought I'd throw my $.02 in there.

Gknee said...

Oh My God I'm so jealous right now. I want to see The Police!

Animal said...


Michelle, ma belle...

Nitmos said...

Your back needs a little tune-up, eh? Hopefully, you'll get good news today.

Good luck on all those tests. Not envious.