"Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Hope everyone had a good 4th of July. After my weird morning, everything was back to normal and the kids spent the day around and in the pool as we didn't go anywhere.

We just hung out for a bit and i did some studying. Next week is the big Series 7 examination. It's basically the general stock brokers exam in simple terms. Not exactly the Bar or a CPA examination, but it has required 8 weeks of preparation.

Running stuff: Now is not quite the time for running on back to back days. i had a nice 5 miles on Tuesday and, due to thunderstorms, a not so nice 4 miles on the new dreadmill on Thurday afternoon. Even with one of my favorite Star Trek episodes playing, it was a definite labor of love to run.

Yesterday was another 5 mile run in the plan. Alas, i am not ready for back-to-back days as my body has completely rejected any idea of running. i went a painful 1/4 mile and turned home. Fun Guv and i took the dog for a walk instead.

Looking ahead i hope to be able to go at least 10 miles tomorrow.

Health wise, i seem good. Weight is back down 191 so with BMI, if i am 6'1" my index is 25.19, if i am 6'2" i am 24.52.

Lastly, but perhap a longer moment to reflect on the voice of the x generation. Not Kurt Cobain, i love Nirvana but alas, a la the Lizard King, Cobain did not last long to enough to be more than a legend whose impact has been grossly overestimated....No i mean the genius of Kevin Smith. Who else captures the mentality of the slacker generation???

Since my favorite Great Lakes Running Gal, LISA hasn't seen any of his movies, a teaser or two. Perhaps we will have a View Askew Film Festival and watch them all in a row....

The beginning....

and then, a budget and color...

and the science fiction movie

Why Sci-fi??? according to the director, it would take science fiction for a lesbian to sleep with Ben Affleck

Next, the thought provoking, extended can God create a rock so big she can't move it, joke

look at the size of that budget...Remember who plays God??? Doing Cartwheels....and check out the logo on Chris Rock's shirt, while on the train.

And then the worst, but perhaps funniest of them all. an entire movie of inside jokes reflecting on the previous movies.

and then the Bennifer monster strikes down a decent movie. J-lo's character dies 10 minutes into it but Gigli backlash and no Jay and Silent Bob, but really funny (almost a family movie)

and then the most recent, this time in color....

Hero to the slacker generation!!! With adamantium balls

Thanks for reading (viewing)


Animal said...

Kevin. Smith. Is. Frigging. AWESOME.

L*I*S*A said...

Never seen a single movie, but thanks to the trailers, I feel somehow fulfilled. Thanks for saving me a trip to the video store!

Fun Guv said...

Oh no no Lisa, you won't get away that easy. We own almost all of those ~ the rest we'll have soon enough ~ and he has every intention of bringing them to you to view (cuz you have all that spare time, ya know?)