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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


13 % to much studying. Just kiddin', Thank Gawd this one is over. 260 total questions:10 practice experimental in the mix. These don't count one way or the other, but no way to know which 10. 130 per 3 hour session, with a mandatory 30 minute break between.

I thought after the first session i was dead in the water. It took almost 2 &1/2 hrs of the alloted 3. No gimmees...

The second half was much better. i managed to butter-up the proctor a little to get an indication not to panic. After all they see the scores, after the first half, i don't.

The second half was like a negative split. i seemed to know all the answers, or at least didn't question myself as much. i only marked one answer for review after the test, and finished in under two hours...

Oh crap, did i go too fast??? Did i skim over to many wordings of trick questions?

First rule, never change your original answer. Second rule, if you are positive of the answer because of wording on further questions, then skip the first rule.

I didn't change any answers for the first half and for the second, i only marked one for review. Then press the END key and wait for the test results.

The longest ten seconds spent staring at a computer screen, not remembering to breathe, until.....

Pass 84%.....whew

Thanks to all the well wishers from everyone who wished me well. Thanks isn't enough. i love positive vibes.

Next up...a chiropractic appointment to see what damage i have done to my back after 8 weeks of studying from the wrong type of chairs. Maybe this could be affecting my running, or lack thereof, ability???

Followed by 2 weeks to prepare for the next licensing test. The dreaded Series 66, investment laws, 100 questions, get 71 correct. Then two weeks of insurance studying and the Life and Health insurance test. Only now i get to add market research to the mix of studies.

In the immortal words of Flounder "This is gonna be great!"

Thanks for reading, and maybe soon a running update

And maybe soon, word of Animal's Spawn, kinda stirs up images of Todd McFarlane, for the comic fan-boys out there

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Gknee said...

Congrats! I knew you would do it. Good luck at the Doctors! I'll be sending good "back" wishes. ;)