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Monday, April 23, 2007

Paint Creek Trail, Round II

O.K., maybe lifting a heavy sledge hammer and breaking up concrete, than moving broken concrete on Friday night wasn't the best way to prepare for a 20 mile run.

And maybe working in the patio, moving furniture and a basketball hoop, Saturday morning, prior to said run, again not the best way to prepare.

So Paint Creek busted my A$$ Saturday. What a shocker. Nitmos and i headed out at 11:30. The day was beautiful. No sun, no real wind, and of course, no shade, bummer the leaves aren't quite out yet.

Lot's of bikers on the trail. Lot's of bikers with their little bells ringing that they're on our left. i appreciate the politeness of the warnings, but the damn bells can go away.

My legs were sore, and just got worse as the run progressed. PCT is 9 miles each direction. So 18 and we figured we'd add another mile or two.

Nope. So although my pace was better than the first marathon, or even half marathon, i left a little disappointed with my performance. i may have been trying to add to an incredible week of training with a final HURRAH, that wasn't in the tank, that day. i did leave my best run, that day, on the trail, and i am happy about that.

Nitmos-you are the man, i swear, he hadn't even broke a sweat when we were done.

Alas, with minor heavy heart, i have removed two no longer bloggers from my links:

And with great joy can re-add them should they ever re-join the running and blogging world of crazies again. Or just the blogging part as both seem to not have issues with running.

Maybe i do a post.....

"Mike's thoughts about successful blogging in a manner that doesn't cause you to become so engrossed that it takes control of your real life, to the point that the only way to control it, is to remove in completely."

So, i may go with a shorter title, but it's in the works.....

yeah, like i plan this crap.

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Nitmos said...

Oh, I was sweating...I internalize my sweat and reuse it for hydration. I recycle. ;)

It was a solid 18. Your Bayshore goals are within reach...a couple more weeks of focus and then the fun begins!

L*I*S*A said...

I'm sure your run was a minor blip on the running radar. At least you were able to break a sweat on this long run, unlike the leisurely stroll you did with me last year. :)

Gknee said...

Sounds like you had a workout before your run. From a non-runner I'm proud of any thing you do. Maybe a little jealous of your accomplishments..but its a good jealousy :) Keep it up :)

Blog-cleaning. Yeah...I should do that..there are a few on my oh so little list that haven't blogged in months. Ah well...just like the closet that needs to be cleaned out, I'll get around to it. :)