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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Trusty Garmin:

Well, after a day, i went back to the Garmin and looked at a breakdown of the 18 miles on PCT.

i must admit i am very happy with the pace. For the first 12 miles we ran a very quick less than 8:30 mile. A couple miles were in the lower 8 minute range, at the beginning of the run.

Lessons learned: Don't go to fast. i started too fast. Had we kept a nice easy 8:50 first half and increased slightly, i think things would have been different. Better i learn this now, than at the Bayshore.

Monday was a good 9 miles, strong and slow, sorta. My goal was just to have a nice recovery, and work out any kinks left over from Saturday's run.

i achieved these goals and forced myself to a 8:20 pace. After 7 miles, 58 minutes had passed, since my marathon goal is a 7 mph pace, i opted to take a walk break until the one hour mark.

i restarted and finished the last two miles feeling great, and still on pace to continue as i had the first 7 miles.

It may be a new plan for the bayshore. Run my normal pace for 7 miles and if any time is left in an hour take a walk break. Of course without going too fast at any point.

After talking with Fun Guv, we have determined my goals for this marathon. She can be a great coach.

  1. Finish, anything can happen in a marathon, just finishing is enough, considering this is only my second attempt at a marathon;
  2. Enjoy the marathon, have fun, remember to enjoy the views of the bay, make whatever happens with the weather, an injury, any negative needs to be viewed with humor and make the best of any negatives to help ensure i still want to keep running marathons;
  3. Run with my heart;
  4. Break 4 hrs;
  5. Break 3:50;
  6. Break 3:45.

i've decided any loftier goals will have to wait for Chicago.

Sorry, no social-economic-religion, or other Vote for Mike '08, stuff in this post. Just boring running update stuff.

i'm just gearing up for a massive brain dump.

Thanks for reading.


Nitmos said...

I wondered if we were pushing pace a bit too much in the beginning. With our Garmin signal interuption knocking mine out, I had no idea what pace we were going. You're right that we should have started slower.

Nice goals. By focusing on goals 1,2 and 3, you'll probably find obtaining goals 4,5 and 6 become a lot easier!

Mir said...

Nice running lately! It'll be great to see what you can do when you're rested. I think your goals are great, esp. 2 and 3. They are two things that I started to lose sight of in the past few years and am rediscovering now. That's what it's really all about, isn't it?