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Monday, April 02, 2007

Interview with an Animal, Part 1

Well, the good Dr has decided to try a new pseudo-blogging tag game with an interview format. He has decided to pass on a few questions for me, and as my not-so-much-running-blog, running blog wanders into a few other areas, i will be taking the next few posts to answer his 5 questions.

Secretly, it's a marketing ploy to keep bringing you back to the blog. Setting up more hits, ergo stroking my ego.

Alas, prior to answering the first, shockingly insightful question, a running update:

Last week marked the return to a 30+ mile week in a loooong time. 39 miles. Sunday, 3 miles with aforementioned Dr, Monday 8 miles, Wednesday 8 miles and Saturday......20 miles.

No runs cut short, good times....figurative and literal

Garmin has all the boring stats, but the best numbers....20 miles under 2:51. Pace 8:31....i may be able to hit the 21 mile 3 hr goal for the bayshore. It may actually be a whole hour before Nitmos runs away from my visual identification. Really, why am i concerned about watching his ass for a whole hr???....not sure myself, but it's just stuck in my head like a Sanjaya rendition of a Kink's Tune

So Saturday, i run south then east until.....i ran out of land. Damn you, Lake St Clair!!!!! i was almost to Canada. If a huge body of water isn't enough to tell you to turn around and go home, than what is????? And really, where else in the US can you run South to get to Canada???

Camel-pak bladder=2 liters, empty at same time as run ends.

30 miles this week should be a piece of cake.

Movin' On... to the highly anticipated answer to the first interview question.... and for some, the first interview question....

You get to spend the weekend at Camp David with any U.S. president, living or dead; who is it, and why?

Good start, eh? i guess the obvious answer would be Al Gore. If only that were a possiblity, but due the obvious fleecing over the americans eyes that, God Forbid, the votes in Florida were, let's say... actually counted, or the number of people denied their right to vote actually got to vote. Good thing the Supreme Court threw in their non-partisan opinion and FOX news did a great job a fair and balanced reporting...

If i was just looking to party, well i guess having a cigar with Slick Willie would be nice....JFK would be fun just to hear about Marilyn Monroe...

Assuming, i wanted to talk to a president, who i considered honest and a boon to humanitarian efforts, i would have to say....


What a great man. Perhaps the most under-appreciated president. He restored faith in the office after the most criminal adminstration, up to that point, in american history.

A devoutly christian president, who believed in seperation of church and state.

A man who negotiated peace, at Camp David, between Egypt and Israel.

Helped establish and actually works on Habitat for Humanity.

As a "Lame Duck" president, negotiated with Iranians to peaceful release of american hostages. Again, he showed humility and did not demand the release occur during his remaining last weeks as president to claim the victory personally. Although, he most likely wanted the release to happen sooner, his give-and-take style allowed the Iranians to feel some victory. The hostages were released the same day he left office.

A target for right wingers, who used his honesty as a sign of weakness.

What a great man, if not a great president.

Thanks for reading


Mike said...

side note to the Dr:

Thanks for that "See-you-next-Tuesday", bit.

Remember how i said the kids read the blog, it's in the rules? They read the comments too.

Mack told the Fun Guv, she'd "see you next Tuesday" when Fun Guv said she could not have a snack before dinner.


Animal said...

I often wonder if one of the best reasons to be president is so that you get to do some REAL work AFTER your term has ended. Honestly: who spends 100's of millions of dollars to wind up with a job that pays $400k a year? Carter is a great example: take the heat for lots of stuff during your term, then use your notoriety as a member of "Da Club" to open doors that remain forever closed to lesser humans. Even Nixon, who aside from that little break-in (which looks almost tame when compared to the bungles of the current administration) would have been one of the greatest presidents of the 20th C., managed to become a pretty responsible "elder statesman."

Nice choice.

Mike said...

that little "break in" was just the tip of the iceberg.

you really need to see "the US vs John Lennon"

Nitmos said...

If you are already training at the pace needed for 21 miles in 3 hrs and 8 weeks still to go, I would say that goal is pretty much in the bag.

As for my posterior, look but don't touch. It breaks my concentration. And makes me tingly.

I bet that Teddy Roosevelt would have some stories. Bring back the Bull Moose party! Still the coolest party name ever.