"Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Interview with an Animal, Part 3

The final two questions. This is rather interesting. i had completed the post once and due to idiot use of internet, me, i lost the post prior to saving it as a draft. So here i am writing it a second time. It's just a little rant out of frustration.

Anyway, yesterday the snow started again, yippee...

So my 7 mile run turned ugly. The wind was strong out of the west and the run took a little longer than normal, but i still finished in under one hour, the good. The bad was the cold, and wind chill was back. The difference in stride length in the cold, is quite a shock, but i managed to finish in good shape. The ugly, my calves, man, playing tennis with Mack the day before really gives them no rest.

Anyway on to the next question:

What three things do i enjoy most about camping?

it's tough to narrow this down. Camping, for me, is the one time a year, i can really relax on vacation. It's just the lack of a clock. i don't wear a watch ever, but camping means no cell phone, no schedule, no special sites to see.

It's also a time to spend with kids, and acting like a kid. Cooking on an open fire, roasting s'mores, the smell, the open air, being outside, getting caught in the rain, trying to dry out after the rain. i love it all.

Exploring nature trails, showing the kids how to find salamanders under old logs, getting lost in the woods.

Hanging out in the beach, enjoying the water, the sun

Having a beer

The three best things have got to be:

Spending time with the family
Spending time with friends, who are closer than family
Spending time, being a kid again, if only for a few innocent days

If you could take back one stupid thing you ever did, what would it be?

Nothing. i tend to not look back and wish i had done things differently. i really like to reflect on the past and use errors to make new choices but i wouldn't change a thing.

Let's say, for sake of argument, i was able to change my departure from Traverse City. Well, although my relationship with Allison would be better, i wouldn't have my relationship with Fun Guv, or Mack, or Jimmy, or my friends that i hold so dear. The distance would be too much.

i wouldn't have been able to follow my current career, and would not be the man i am today. Not that this is nessecarily a good thing, but it is who i am, and i think i like myself.

So, i try to reflect on the stupid things with the same joy as the smart things, which is good, cause the stupid things outnumber the non-stupid.

Recent reads revisited

Ironic, but with the last answer i would like to add another book that greatly affected me. Based solely on the book itself

The most significant anti-war book ever written.

Try reading this little bit from it. Scary

Banned during WWII, because of fear that it would prevent young men from enlisting.

The movie was used in the "One" video. Although the movie is difficult to find, directed by Trumbo, it does ask the question?

"what is democracy?"

"i guess it's got something to do with young men killing each other"

As powerful as the Metallica video is, the movie is ever more so.....but even that pales in comparission to reading the book, written in the voice of an extremely disabled WWI vet.

Thanks for reading, too bad, my original lost post was better


Nitmos said...

I've only read passages out of that book. I did see the movie. Intense. Didn't trumbo also write a bunch of award winning screen plays - like Spartacus - but couldn't use his name and they were credited elsewhere due to the McCarthy black ball?

Mike said...

yeah, he was blacklisted, go figure.

i've added an excerpt to the blog

hope you get to read a little bit.

Running Rabbit said...

Did you say SNOW??

lisa said...

I still think of you whenever I hear that Joe Cocker song. Perhaps it's because of the stirring rendition heard at the Mt. P bowling alley a few homecomings ago.