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Friday, April 20, 2007

In NOT my usual tongue-n-cheek way;

i had decided to not post for a while, like a day or so, to allow my feelings about Va Tech to not take on a long winded, inappropriate blog post.

This is more due the some what cynical nature of the blog and satire. i try to type about my feelings and what i think about while running and although i admit to this not being the widest read blog out there, i have seen where people have stumbled upon it.

So we leave the tragedy alone, except....

i like this article

When purchasing the paper yesterday, i had two choices. One paper had a picture of the victims on the front page, another had a picture of the shooter.

i choose to read about the victims.

i wonder which paper sold more yesterday?

i wonder if the two front pages were an experiment by the newspapers. Since the two major Detroit papers are co-owned, each taking a left or right viewpoint, i'm sure marketing was involved to see which paper sold better should, who am i kidding, when, this type of tragedy happens again.

On a positive running note:

i ran my fastest 8 miles evah, wednesday. 1:02:46. i bested my 8 mile race around Mackinac Island by better than two minutes. Yay Me!!!

Hopefully, tomorrow i don't slow down the Nitmos too much as we run a 20 miler together. We're hitting the Paint Creek Trail, anyone want to join us, about 11:30. It should be a nice, sunny 57 degree day.

An apology:

Mea Culpa, for leaving the "Jeremy" video up a few days after the Va Tech Tragedy. It was put up a few days prior to Monday, when Bob made a reference to my stunning resemblence to Eddie Vedder. Back in my long hair, hippy grunge years, hey, the early 90' were very influencial to us X'ers out there. It's one of my favorite Pearl Jam tunes, and i forgot it was there.

Thanks for reading

And i wanted to add this real short piece....

Ha,ha, oh John you are so funny....cut it out, ha,ha...Oh god, i bet you and Ann Coulter in a room together must be a million laughs....


Nitmos said...

I've heard a few TV/radio commentators blame the VT victims because they weren't "man enough" to attack the killer in a group and overpower him. Or they "froze" and didn't fight back. I was pretty livid. How these people have viewership/listenership is beyond me.

Nice 8 miles. Does that mean we are doing an 8 min/mile pace tomorrow?

Mike said...

maybe on the return trip.

The run from Rochester to Lake Orion is a little bit uphill.

Mountain bikers probably never notice it. It's very minimal