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Monday, April 16, 2007

Another Training Post?

maybe...since i didn't train at all last week. 4 miles total distance, was actually the least amount of running i have done in months.

i have every intention of re-committing right now. Today, i see 4 weeks of hard training, the 2 week taper, the marathon.

If things go well, i may be able to complete a run with Nitmos. We're looking at a 20 miler this weekend. Details will be worked out as the week goes.

Vote for Mike '08:

Well, i suppose i should address my main campaign issue. i am tired of inconsistent leaders of a supposed free world. Let's go with an easy one....

Pro-choice vs Pro-life

being a shades of gray, not black and white, person, i wonder, ponder....think. see blog title for reference

Isn't this really two arguments? Isn't the real questions Pro-choice vs Anti-choice and Pro-life vs. Anti-life?

i believe i am the only candidate that can tell you... i am both Pro-choice and pro-life.

Let's try a tougher, made for campaigning, drudge it out, of the closet , every 4 years issue....

Gay Marriage,

traditionalist would have us believe that the traditional marriage, one man/one woman, is a foundation that should not be messed with....

OK fine,... and i won't even mention the number of times Jesus addressed this in the gospels, for the religious right folks out there, but it looks like a round number, i mean it is a round number, big enough hint??? never mind...the number is 0 times...(maybe it really wasn't an issue then).....

...let's go back to the traditional value of marriage;

Since the romantic notion of marriage is relatively new and in contrast to the traditional value of marriage, we throw that non-traditional marriage notion out.

Since marriage is about aligning families, we go back to that. Marriages are now all arranged by fathers and many times husbands and wives now marry without ever seeing each other.

Also, traditional marriages are where daughters are offered as a peace offering to align warring nations and create a large community of peace.

O.K. that was easy we all seem to agree on marraige now, let's move on to a tougher issue.


Well, i admit this is a hard one to settle. After all, we have two sides looking to gain political power in Iraq. On one hand, we have the Sunni's, and then the Shi'ites on the other.

i guess traditionally speaking, if only a leader had two daughters that could be used, in the traditional sense, in arranged weddings to help bring peace to all parties. A nice large wedding would be nice, and the new sense of traditional family values could bring peace.

Twins would be nice to ensure a feeling a equality.

Too bad, we don't have a traditional family values leader, with twins, willing to sacrifice said family members to bring the peace.

Are you folks out there getting the metaphorical use of marriage vs war, traditional vs non-traditional values, and stuff? .....Please don't tell me you only been taking this in, on the literal level.....not to mention a world leader un-willing to ask his own children to fight for a war, that he has no problems asking other parents to encourage their children to sign up for....

Vote for Mike '08

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