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Friday, August 25, 2006

Well, i guess i'm used to the whole 38 thing

Thanks again to Fun Guv'nor ("FG") for ambushing my blog.

Anyway let's talk about this weeks training.

Monday, i had a short 5 miles on the schedule and FG came along on her mountain bike. It went well and it was nice to have a coach help me with my form. Technique may be the next way i look to improve time. i was losing form trying to push harder. Funny thing the whole work smarter not harder thing. i was trying to brute my way to faster times. Thanks to her, for following me, even if it wasn't much exercise for her.

peddle, peddle, coooooooaaast, repeat 5 mile.

Wednesday was way better. i had 8 miles to do. It's been a while since i felt so good. i pushed when i could and pulled back when needed. Thought about technique the whole time, and balance, and relaxing.

Unbelievable. It was a great time. Both enjoyment factor and literal TIME. i ran with no watch but checked the clock on the way out. Nothing official here but 8 miles, 62-63 minutes.

i've been riding high on besting 8 minute miles for the last two days.

Now the real test. Can i repeat for The Crim? If so, a 10 miler in 80 minutes is a real possibility.

Another shout out and thanks to all the other running bloggers out there that i have been stalking for inspiration and advice. Yes this may be you i'm thanking, all levels and experience of runners. From a guy named Vic somewhere in Texas to Running Girl somewhere near Indy. Of course, BOB, who not only has taken the time to put together a Chicago bound community but has even taken to at least once perusing this blog and called me out on some radical posts.

Thanks again to all of you.

Moving on to some non runner stuff.... it's been a few days and i need to unload useless data

So i'm reading the Free Press today and a couple headlines jump out at me....

Relearn the System.....i can deal with the fact that i'm not sure of all the countries in Europe. My wife is of German descent and i learned one Germany. USSR? Gone... o.k. Good thing but i have no idea of all the relatively new countries in the world. But dammit....

Planets seem to be something constant. A planet is just that.... Until some rat bastard scientist discovers UB313 and my favorite school house rock segment is trashed. Sing along... interplanet janet, she's a galaxy girl....

so now Pluto the farthest planet from the sun, with it's elliptical orbit bringing it closer than Neptune every couple hundred years, is just a little ball of ice. Screw you guys....Georgia is a state not a country

Rich Rebuild after Katrina, the Poor Can't.... really??? How is this news? What parents wasted college education for some journalism graduate offspring to write this article? Let's sum up the article in one word...


7-Eleven Clerk is Killed over Taco.....someone in Sterling Hts store was shot over an argument for a $1.13 tacquito. How does this happen? A father of three gunned down over a crappy piece of food...WTF

Black Kids sent to Back of Bus.... apparently a bus driver in the south, go figure, assigned seats to students. No problem, just don't assign all the black kids to the last two rows of seats. Especially, if it's so many kids the little ones have to sit on the laps of the bigger kids. What millenium are we living in???

One little Political thing.....

Kudos to US District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor for having the balls to rule the Bush Administration version of domestic spying unconstitutional!!!

I'm not denying there may be reasons to wiretap. However, there is a system is place called FISA, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which legally allows for wiretapping. Why can't the Bushites just work within the existing system?

I just remember learning, as a small child, that our Government is based upon a three ring (circus) system of checks and balances (School House Rock, again) with each branch making sure that power is not abused or exploited.

But i also learned there were 9 planets....

See how i tied it all together here???

Thanks again for reading


Bob said...

I am bummed about Pluto as well.

Bloglines, I am constantly watching all of you. Without a wiretap.

Great post and good luck with the Crim.

Mike said...

thanks bob