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Saturday, August 19, 2006

12 rainy miles

Did i mention the rain? oh yeah, it came down today. but as i am totally cool with running in the cold, and winter, what the hell? Let's go!!

Thanks to the Fun Guv'nor for meeting me twice with water.

Since this is the farthest i have run since the 1/2 marathon in April, i took it slow. Plus the route wasn't exactly littered with sidewalks so i had to dodge some traffic, jump some puddles, and stop for a few major intersections, so no worry about time.

The total route was actually 12.6 miles so i ran till i knew i was passed the 12 mile marker and slowed waaaay down for the last bit. i made a quick pit spot at the local library for a pee break, so i didn't care about time after the first 10 miles.

My hands and feet have never been so pruney and my body glide must have started to wash off in the rain as my left nipple is screaming in pain. Normally i'm a little into that, but definitely a topic for a non-family friendly blog.

Next week is The Crim. Funny, it'll be nice to only run 10 miles, somehow i need to add another 4 that day.

Anybody have any thoughts regarding my golf league? It's on Wednesday afternoon, but those are also running days and the miles are starting to build. Can i do both still?

Thanks again for reading

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