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Monday, August 28, 2006


Well, not a PR but a good run.

The Crim was a great time.

Never ran with a race so big. 8300 runners for the 10 miler. Yeehaa.

Here's a couple quick observations and rationalizations to deal with being three minutes slower from 2 weeks ago at the 10 miler in St John's.

Jostling really slows you down at the beginning of a race. i'd say the first 3+ miles was a bit uncomfortable. i wasn't really able to find a good stride with the amount of people i was with.
This is definitely something to consider for Chicago.

Flint is a little hilly. Whoever told me there were only 3 hills to be concerned about should be lashed with wet noodles.

A good thing was i was able to manage negative split time as my 5 mile split was 43:05 and the second 5 miles was 42:56, baby steps but hey nearly 2 seconds a mile quicker. Take the good where you find it.

Another good thing was the way i felt after the race. i felt great. Not too tired but a good workout and i kept a strong form the entire way. Relaxed shoulders, unclenched fists, standing straight...these were my goals for training and i was surprised by how well i felt. At mile 6 i felt i finally had hit a stride than i could've ran for another 10 miles. It felt that good and relaxed.

Sorry for the boring posts today. i just wanted to put the stats out.

thanks for reading


Nitmos said...

I just wandered out to see how you did in the Crim and, lo and behold, an update. Sorry I didn't make it. Up til Wednesday last week I was still planning to be a late entry but ended up in TC again for various reasons. I got 18 miles (laps) in at the Civic Center while a band played on the stage which was nice.I've also been wondering about Chicago and when the field will pull apart enough to fall into a comfortable pace. Something to consider I guess when planning pacing expectations. Keep it up....we're getting close now!! Congratulations on another great run. Forget about the 3 minutes...remember when you first started running several months ago. Did you think you'd feel so great knocking down 10 miles!?

Animal said...

I think you were slower because you weren't HUNG OVER. Let that be a lesson to ya: always consume at LEAST a bottle of wine the night before a race.