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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hello, Fun Guv'nor here...

Just want to give a quick update on Mike's run today since he's at work and won't have time to post until who knows when.

As you can see he was 1:22:57 (actually, officially it was 1:22:58, but it was race time, not chip time so take off about 10-15 seconds)

The numbers.....an 8:18 mile and #42 out of 91 runners

He's happy with the numbers. And to think we were all up late the night before imbibing in a little more wine that we should have and then up at the butt crack of dawn for the race...oops!

Scott ran the 5K - his first race ever and finished nicely as well.

Official time...31:00, a 9:59 mile and #88 out of 124 runners (again, race time, not chip time)

I have to say I was quite impressed with Scotts form. When the runners got to the track they had to do one lap before completing the race. This gave me ample opportunity to watch him run from the bleachers. As he's running - I see the left arm shoot out and suddenly he's air guitaring along to his music????? Honestly, why am I not surprised?

Hopefully I got everything .... Mike will be back, hopefully in the next couple of days.


Lisa said...

Did anyone score any hardware?? Both are lookin' good!!

Mike said...

everybody got a medal crossing the finish line.

i was 11th out of 16 in age group, and Scott was not last in our age group.

1st and 2nd got additional hardware.

Gknee said...

Way to go!!

Nitmos said...

Congratulations! Another great time Mike.