"Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)

Friday, August 11, 2006

The boy who cried wolf.....

maybe a better title for this post would be

White Noise

i guess that's how i feel about yesterday's news from England regarding the terrorism threat, arrest, plot, etc...

We've been hearing it for years. When to be concerned, have a plan, duct, not duck, tape to stop dirty bombs, store water, blah, blah, blah....

Call me a cynic but i just can't help but wonder about the timing with regards to the current Israel/Lebannon issues.

Anyway, on to more important issues....Leonid did not gather enough votes to move on in America's Got Talent, bummer. When does the next Survivor start?

And, even more important, tomorrow is the next big race. I'm so excited. 10 miles is the farthest i have raced since the 1/2 marathon. Funny how my anxiety to even finish has been replaced with excitement for the chance to finish well. i'm at least 20 lbs lighter than the first race.

Well, those are my thoughts for the day.

thanks for reading


Bob said...

I am pretty dense but let me see if I can make this long complicated connection of which you speak. Great Britan and the US get together to concoct a false terrorist plot and arrest a bunch of people and look for more, all to rally support for Israel? Who are they looking to polarize behind Israel that is not already allied with them? Public support you say......if either one of these administrations cared about how the public felt we would have been out of Iraq long ago.

Hmmmmm I can understand being cynical but I am not sure how the arrest of suspected terrorists with ties to Syria links any of this together. What am I missing???

Good luck with your 10 miler.

Lisa said...

Run like the wind, my friend. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, as I journey along my 13-mile route. :)

Gknee said...

Have fun with your 10 miles :)

Mike said...

Awesome response Bob.

and i would be less cynical if our administration didn't already have a record of creating propaganda based on false records.

let's see:

Downing Street memo's, create a plot to manipulate evidence to gather support for a war.

No evidence to support nuclear proliferation exists. Manipulate evidence to discredit fact finding mission, strong arm tactic don't work then leak security to expose spy wife of man who won't create evidence. Exposing family serving country to dangerous retaliation (anyone ever watch Soprano's?)

vow to bring leaker to justice until, doooh, it was leaked from oval office. Spin baby spin!!!

Consider leak to be "declassification", use way-back machine to rewrite history.

Now, if i considered my administration to be known for it's war of terror, and my support was at an all time low, and it was election year, and god forbid, if power were to shifted, and impeachment proceedings were levied on my blatant disregard of civil liberties, not a B Jer. i'm already thinking i'm above the law i swore to uphold,(based on documented 300 laws W has already broken) and since Downing Steet worked once, what the hell?

So yeah, fool me once....

btw... i love to discuss this crap. wish you weren't so much faster than me so we could continue a few miles in Chicago.

Keep the comments coming

Mike said...

oh yeah,

i forgot... you're not dense.

totally not, i just love conspiracy theories.

i just found out the Mayan calender ends in 6 years, but i'm still putting money into a 401k just in case the world doesn't end.

Kim said...

I actually think your conspiracy is backwards. The terrorist cells use the current Isreal/Lebanon conflict to distract US/Britain from keeping a vigilant eye on bumper crop kitchen stove terrorism.

And btw, Leonid didn't get enough votes b/c middle america is too homophobic. N'Sync would've been N'Sunk if the Fish came out back then too...

Bob said...

First lets see your ten mile time before we declare anyone faster then the other. You seem to be putting up some pretty nice times yourself.

I hear where you are coming from and being a bit libritarian slanted myself, distrust for government is in my nature. I just think there is so much spin out there that it is more what you want to buy into. Each wants to make the other look bad. So much of it is spin, attacks and misrepresentation of fact to suit ones political agenda, weather it's the spin doctor or the media. It is very difficult to determine where the truth ends or begins in any of it. That includes everything you just mentioned, the memo's, Valerie Plame all of it.

I applaude you for your involved attitude. I have however become so soured on the political arena and power (money) grab I actually have grown to avoid such discussions. I am not sure what even moved me to comment on your theory this morning, must have been work avoidance. :) Because really it all comes down to who's spin you want to believe and buy into. The facts, well they're classified.

And yea I am still maxing my 401k.

Run strong.

Ryan said...

Terrorism conspiracy theories, Bush administration strong-arm tactics, false propaganda...? Whatever. For me, ignorance is bliss. Just run, work, enjoy your friends & family and live life, baby.

Time to rock in that half marathon downtown tomorrow, Mike. Best of luck...

Animal said...

Sadly, the conspiracy theorist in me suspects that "they" (always the ubiquitous "they"!) are COUNTING on an attitude of ingorance and incomprehension. The prevailing attitude with that seems to be: "it's such a complicated issue, I'll never hope to understand it all, or be able to fix it even if I DID understand." Life is good...but as an educator I see that kind of apathy in my students all to frequently. I call them "lazy" for not caring enough to even ask questions. We ALL need to care, or else in the end..."they" win.

BTW...Ryan, I LOVE that you list "Roadhouse" in your favorite movies. That's my #1 guilty TNT pleasure of all time.