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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Where do i go from here???

Well, now that the Bayshore is behind me and i can look forward to next months Tri and 10k on the schedule a few final thoughts of the Bayshore...

It's a fast race. It get's great reviews for the views of the water, and it is rolling. But the runners of this race tend to be a little quicker. Ergo....

6 hr time limit. Take one of Michigan's biggest resort communities, add Memorial Day weekend and try to be on the marathon planning committe who trys to keep a major tourist-tee area, shut down any longer.

It has ok viewing areas, but the people there to root people on are not fans of marathoners. They are fans of their families, who just happen to be running. Once their families pass, guess what...they go to the finish line.
Once their family member finishes, guess what...they leave, cause it's tourist-tee town.

So, i gotta give this race a big thumbs up. No expo...who cares this is a little 3000 person race(1/2 and full runners), no prize money and no elites.

Fan support, not really...being a non runner for all the time i grew up in Traverse City, i gotta say i never heard of the race, it's only promoted by runners. But great places for your family to come out on the course and watch you.

It's inexpensive..really a resort community could cost more to run, and the race could be much larger, but as their website states...intentionally this race is kept small and registration typically closes a few months early. They bus the 1/2 marathoners out to the start, top avoid conjestion. They provide a wonderful technical shirt. A very nice finishing medal. The course has ample water, gatorade and Gu available.

What more could a person ask.

Now, in a brief personal defense of my hometown marathon.....

well, no i don't think this extremely public forum perhaps the best place to throw anybody under a bus. Please return my phone call.


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L*I*S*A said...

Nice defense.

I can say I ran it. That's about all I can say.