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Friday, June 06, 2008


I've tried to get Mike to sit down and post, but shockingly, he won't listen to me. I feel like this is going to turn into my blog soon, but I don't run, and my name's not Mike so I think it would be all wrong.

He's heading up to a neighbors cabin right by S Higgins Lake State Park. They 2 guys are going with the 2 boys for a weekend of boating, fishing and swimming....sounds like fun. Mack is going to her grandparents house for the weekend which leaves me here, alone, with the dog YEAH!!!!!

Actually, I had already signed up for a 14 hour crop at a local scrapbook store for Saturday, so I will be there all day with a friend and my mom. But I still have tonight and most of Sunday for some peace & quiet.

I guess this is the long, roundabout way to break it to you....Mike won't be posting anytime in the next couple of days. I swear I will keep working on him and get a post out of him soon.

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Nitmos said...

You should consider starting a running blog. I'm enjoying the camping blog immensely but curious how the tri training is going.