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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sorry, I'm going to interrupt this running blog with one more camping post....

We're getting a camper YEAH!!

Yesterday we went to another dealer to check out their offerings and they had a 2007 Starcraft Centennial (which appears to be their top-of-the-line) pop-up camper that had just come in. It was sold last year to a 70 year old couple with all of the whistles & bells. They used it once and it was too much for them to handle. So they came to this dealer and traded it in for an ultra-light travel trailer.

This bad boy features a slide out, A/C, built in stereo system w/CD player, microwave, oven, stove, small grill that hooks up to the outside, 2 king sized beds, hot water heater, outside shower (still don't get why/when you'd use that, but let's go with it), huge 2 level storage trunk, tons of storage space inside, oh and push a button and it's up...no cranking. The couple even put some carpeting in there - which I may take most of it out...the thought of kids, sand and carpeting are not a pleasant one...I will not take a vacuum camping with me.

We put a deposit on it so I could think about it today. I think I'm done thinking...it's ours. I will call first thing in the morning and start the paperwork process.

The dining area

The kitchen area

Vanna showing off the outside grill

Now I'm looking into booking another week of camping...thinking 8/22 - 31. Somewhere close so Mike can come up with us and spend the weekend and then go home & work, then come back up to help pack up. I'd love for him to stay the week, but someone has to work and earn money to make these payments! Algonac has 3 acceptable sites (read, close to bathroom and level)available as of this morning, he could possibly commute to work from there. As long as we're getting the thing, we might as well use it. Anyone want to join us?


Gknee said...

Yay! I have fond memories of camping in my parents pop-up. I won't camp down here though...too many gators!

Animal said...

Pop-ups have come a LONG way since I went with my folks in '83-'84.

Mac looks SO grown-up lounging behind that table, I thought for just a second it was you...then remembered that it was 2008, not 1988!

Nitmos said...

Looks cool.

Now, is Fun Guv suggesting a marathon is planned near a great camping location!? Way to think ahead!

Fun Guv said...

Actually, we're thinking ahead to next May and the Pig. Maybe we'll take the camper and just camp somewhere in the area...