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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

3....oh, it's a magic number
yes, it is....
it's a magic number

it takes three legs to make a tripod
or to make a table stand
it takes three legs to make the journey
to become an ironman (ok a little writers embellishment, there)

Anyway....let's get to the Tri training.

The last few weeks have been busy with getting ready for the New Baltimore, MI triathlon. The distances are a little odd

.5 mile swim
11 mile bike
3 mile run

Don't look for it online anywhere. In the internet, this tri does not exist. Yet to the 225 participants this tri is a little gem. Of which, i think i am one of those participants. See, the only way to register is to go to the NB activities center and get a registration. Then deliver this registration with a check to the NB municipal offices. (not the same building)

Then you train and wait to see if the check actually clears prior to the race day. Your receipt of registration. Now is this old school registration or what.

I've been told this is a nice event, but with nothing to judge it by here's what i know. The wife of a chiropractor i know has done this one for years and loves it. An eye doctor i know was hit by a car last year when a NB policeman had a car pass the route in front of him.

So reviews are a bit mixed, eh????

The training.

NB has a muni pool about a mile from the office. So i have been a fixture 3 times a week. A couple real tri-athletes....i.e. training for full ironman types....have been helping with my lack of technique. Week one a swam some 16 lengths...400 yards (.25 mile) and thought i would drown...Week two...24 lengths...600 yards(.375) better, i can know breathe correctly and actually use my legs.
This week....32 lengths....tri distance....better technique...controlled breath....a little breast stroke for rest...a little backstroke for rest....just do the distance....and i feel the difference in my abs. (i don't actually have abs, i think it's more just one...ab)

great but a tri is three(the magic number) things, what about the biking and running?

Well, here's a funny thing....Today i biked 11 miles and ran 3...to get a feel for the race...usually i do two things a day, swim/bike, swim/run, bike run....Today was bike/run....11 miles 43 minutes and 3 miles 23:30.

I gotta say, this has been fun. Mile .25 of the run, i seemed to develop a golf ball in each of my calves.....they went away by mile .75.....this was new.....

I also can't believe how numb my feet get after 10 miles of biking...Then try to run 3 fresh miles on numb feet, with golf balls for calves.

One morning...i got up early...ran 6 miles....went to the office....11:00am swim at the pool(24 lengths)...after work...rode bike 5 miles to Jimmy's little league game, coached, and rode 5 miles home.

Next day was a rest day.

Per Therese, thanks my friend, next post....an analytical critical discussion of "I am Legend" and why the most recent movie strayed so off point from the 54 year old story.

Thanks for reading

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Nitmos said...

This post reeks of a budding ironman.

Are you still using your bike with the basket, horn amd banana seat?

Triseverance said...

Bike speed comes slowwwww trust me I know. The swim to me is about two things, rotate and finish. If you need a better description let me know. :) Tri's are a blast, find a nice Olympic this summer you will be hooked, I promise.