"Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Man, this was a great band. This is the only thing i can find of my favorite and first Ska band. Yessir, sitting in Tom's Foolery, fall of 1987 to watch Lansing's own.

What a great bar band. Whatever happened to them? i wonder

Well, why is this here? Well, Fun Guv found an old cassette of these guys, and since my car somehow has a cassette player, i've been rediscovering the joys of reggae and ska.

Bad segue....this allows me to go from (bop) harvey to Bob Marley and the "Legend" album, somehow forced into making the title for "I am Legend" fit the oddly titled, somewhat similar-to-the novella-it's based-upon movie.

As i enjoyed the movie, i decided to read the story....and to my amazement....found the entire point of the book to be lost. It actually fits well in todays society, cause our hero in the book, learns to live, and maybe die, (not to give anything away) with the knowledge that change is inevitable. As what is "normal" changes for humanity, he has become the "scary monster" the new humanity fears...hence the title...I am Legend.

The movie has so much resistance to this concept, that it is completely ignored. And the title is used in a forced Bob Marley freedom fighter reference.

....But really what does any of this have to do with my blog???

Well, here is my struggle. i'm having a hard time blogging about the things i would like to. Cause oddly enough....hypothetically enough....i could post an opinion about politics, or war, or gay marriage, or anything and a client or prospective client could happen upon my site and being upset with an opinion could view this opinion as representative of my employer, and bam!!! employer fixes that problem.

So my solution is to use Fun Guv as my little helper. She can actually work my opinions into her own post, and this allows me to rant. She can feel free to keep posting about her new camper.

I can keep posting about amatuer athletic endeavors.

Which means, and this may be getting a little ahead. Fun Guv is way early beginning to plan a 4 day weekend in Cincy next year. A little camp at King's Island campground, a little King's Island, and a little big run around the town known as The Flying Pig.... I think the new camper sleeps 7 or eight....

btw....anyone notice Fun Guv's feminine touches already???? pictures in the sidebar. Wow!!!!

Thanks for reading.


Arcane said...

Hey I understand about the not wanting to post thing. Congratulations on the camper purchase.

Nitmos said...

Go incognito. Remove your Linked in page. Obscure your picture or use a photo of something other than yourself. That'll create enough of a wall between you and obviousness to continue ranting...

Flying Pig? Did someone say Flying Pig? My ears have perked up (that's on my dance card!)

Fun Guv said...

Yes, I have done some digging for campgrounds in southern Ohio...not coming up with much. Could do the Kings Island one, but it's a distance away from actual downtown Cincy, not sure if we want that. I'll keep looking, we have a few months to plan.

Our camper has 2 king beds in it so if you & Mrs. Nitmos are up for it let me know.

-therese said...

I'm with nitmos, embrace the animosity of the internet! In the meantime, enjoy the ska; break out the Desmond Dekker, skank to the Specials, and dig up the Scofflaws. (like the way I hit all three waves?)
And let me know, WHY do you think they (movie-makers) went such a different route with I Am Legend?