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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Quick update....

This evening we headed back up to the RV dealer so the rest of the family could see the camper choices. Upon 2nd look (and possibly because they moved it inside and when you looked out the window you saw wall instead of sky) option #2 feels a quite a bit smaller than I remember it being yesterday. Now we're really leaning more toward option #3, though if it were up to the kids we would get #2...or actually option #4 ...

but that would require a new, bigger car which is NOT an option...but man, you can throw a party in this one, it's huge!

I'm going to keep looking. I will not give up. I am armed with a list of 5 other local dealers that I will investigate tomorrow or early next week...plus I told Mike I would call and get a price on option #3 since I neglected to do that yesterday ~ oops!

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Anonymous said...

Please consider buying a used one. I bet a bunch of people are willing to get an RV/camper off their hands.