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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Today was my first ever run west of the Mississippi river.

The plane ride to St Louis was thankfully uneventful and the last day has been spent getting to know my fellow classmates. All in all, this is quite fun.

But after breakfast this morning i figured it's time to get back to training. What a wonderful place to do it at. Except, i really am not acclimated to August in a more southern climate. When i headed out from the hotel, temps were in the high 80's and it was 10:00am.

Wow, this is hot, but being an easy run, i went real easy. Guess what....

No leg pain. My strides were conservative but i figured on about 10 miles would be fine.

The hotel sent me towards a park which has a path which encircles a lake. It was new territory and i admit to being excited. But the run to the lake was about 2 miles. Then 4 miles around the lake and i took about a 2.5 route back to the hotel.

There really are some hillier areas here then i was used too. The return trip had stairs to climb. 220 stairs. And since the temps had risen a lot, i was a bit pooped.

y'know that so hot you feel chills feeling? i had a little of that so i stopped a lot to chat with many of the numerous folks on the trail.

Go figure, i met a runner finishing up his first of two 20 milers before his first marathon. i guess the Lewis and Clark marathon. Sounded fun. He looked in great shape to finish in his 4 hour goal. Of course i cautioned him to be wary of sudden gastro-intestinal issues that may occur while marathoning.

Maybe it's just me but i seem to be comfortable with ALL running topics with other runners. Well, he didn't seem offended so no harm no foul.

Looks like i have found a partner or two to run some shorter distances in the evenings this week.
No one wanted to join me when i said i was going about 10 miles, but there are so other runners here. It could be fun.

Looks like i may get to experience one of my New Years Resolutions soon. Of course i called my great lakes running bud, L*I*S*A to tell her of the beautiful course around the river. and yes i called my wife when we landed to tell her i made it to MO ok.

As Lisa has agreed to help be a rent-a-husband on Friday prior to the 10th annual 30th birthday bash. She may just stay over, go with Fun Guv to pick me up at Detroit Metro and go for her 20 mile run in the morning prior to the party.

i suggested we leave at 11:00pm, due the 20 then be well rested for the party Saturday afternoon, instead of running in the morning. i quest to experience the feelings i.e. thoughts of an all-nite-runner, albeit not quite the whole night is a curiousity.

It could be the start of a new tradition for the 2nd annual running of the 11th annual 30th birthday bash, next year.

Egads, well the hotel pool is calling so i will end this little post with something completely different....or how i ran when my leg/back problems were bad

thanks for reading


Gknee said...

remember to hydrate!

Fun Guv said...

Thanks for the video....Jimmy loved it and is now making up his own silly walks for me.

I was wondering how you faired today on your own for the whole day. Not that I thought you'd have a hard time making friends...you tend to play well with others.

L*I*S*A said...

I gotta tell ya, the thought of running one of my 20-milers at night could be some of the best fun ever. I'm actually looking forward to it.

Do I need to pack heat?

Nitmos said...

Stay away from East St. Louis. If I remember right, Dean-o said that was the only place he was actually frightened during his cross country run.

Must be nice to have a little change in scenery. This should re-energize you.

Fun Guv said...

I need to pack heat?

Uh, Lisa...we don't live in the 'hood. Hello, northern Macomb County ~ we're a good 12+ miles from the 8 mile border and you can be rest assured that Mike won't take you in that direction.

Anonymous said...


Welcome to my world! I took off for 15 miles on Saturday at 6:30am and it was already 80 degrees. I drank 4x 20 ounces and still lost about 4 pounds.

Good times.

Speaking of birthdays, I told mrs. Tange that I want to run 40 miles on my 40th birthday (or more likely the Saturday after my birthday).


Bob said...
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