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Thursday, August 09, 2007

A stress free one mile.

This is good news as yesterday, during my 3 mile run, i was able to stretch out and get to old groove back.

It brought back that great feeling of a good run again. Even if it was only one mile, it was back. Now, if it doesn't happen again today, i'll be bummed. Alas, fear will not paralize me, i will try to go again a short distance.

On the new job, things have been going about the same as my running. Tomorrow i sit for the State of Michigan Life and Health Insurance License Exam. 150 questions, 70% to pass. i have passed three pre exams this week with scores of 74%, 82%, & 80%. i think i am ok for tomorrow.

Too bad, i scores a 69% on my first attempt at the investment advisor law exam, Series 66. i missed a passing score by 2 questions.

Let's hope for the best. i pass tomorrow, then go to St Louis for a week, (any good running areas there???), come home late Friday night, and drink beer the next day (more on this later in the post). Start my market research and planning while sneaking in some study time to prepare to retake the series 66 exam.

Piece of Cake, Right????

O.K. next little tiny issue. Next Saturday, the 18th is the 10th annual Mike's 30 birthday-slash pool party. i will be leaving Saturday the 11th for the gateway to the west, and coming home Friday the 17th, arriving at Detroit Metro at about 8:30 pm. Since i am unavailable to assist my lovely bride next week.....she needs a rent-a-husband.

Now of course for those of you who know the Fun Guv this will not be a surprise but....She'll need someone who is good at following direction. Or at least as good as i do (so the bar is set real low)....to help prepare the homestead. Any takers??????

odd observation: i received an email from Fun Guv's uncle, i get a lot of emails from him. Y'know the generic joke emails of funny pictrures and movies.....but this one was odd pictures of....PLANE CRASHES...ooooh for christ sake!!!!

Anyway, i'm off for another short run tonite. The streak is currently at 3 days, tonite i go for 4.

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Gknee said...

Good luck on your exam!

L*I*S*A said...

I could be convinced to come down on Friday to help Fun Guv. I'm off that day. :)

Nitmos said...

Your are sliding Back In The Saddle Again. I know your takin' it easy pace/mileage wise but still appreciate the benefits of a good full recovery day. The muscles need 'em.

Good luck with those tests.

Fun Guv said...

Lisa...I'll email you!