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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Aahhh yes the Steers to what do we owe the name of our beloved moniker too???

but first

if you think this secene is funny....you are on your way to steerdom

or perhaps if before a big game or a big run you like to listen to music to gear up like....

well...this might make you a steer as well.

but maybe you prefer a little bit more cerebral comedy

again, you get the point. And if you understand the meaning of the word

JUJUNE....you're in.

Because waaaay back in the late 90's there was a residence hall on the campus of Central Michigan University named Tate Hall. Up on the third floor was "Hell", i lived in Hell. Along with roommates, Tange, Piss-boy and Alki, i was Luki. (Tange, now a regular stalker of this blog, and commentator).

Tange, ran swam and biked
Piss-boy, a business major and dip addict
Alki, drank a lot
Luki, well i slept a lot, 2 time resident hall "skipper"

But we all played pick-up basketball, and when intra-murals came out we and others in the hall needed a team name....so the story is rather dull, but we went with steers cause the Bulls were still getting beat up on by the Pistons back then....and....the definition of a steer in a dictionary is....

a castrated bovine

try to say those words out loud and not giggle or snicker a little. So Steers became the name and till this day exist.

As Steer players have some and gone, fer instance, Nitmos....brother of King (who lived in Hell) have both been members of Steers basketball teams.

And so the name lives on.....sometimes in odd ways....The Steers, Da Steers, AAA Steers (for higher alpha placement and earlier games)

So the secret of the Steers moniker is out. And all are invited to become members of the new Steers Running Team. Maybe.... Stampeding Herd (sounds like a Marshall thing, maybe not)

Now as i have gotten a little older on wiser...the idea of joining a team named after a castrated bovine seems oddly enough.....appropriate????

Lady Steers??? welcome to the group, but what the hell are we supposed to cut off of you???

Steers Team must do's.....listen to Def Leppard prior to a big game, recite Caddyshack and laugh at Woody Allen movies....and this is not required but a good idea to understand the mentality.....

watch the movie "Eraserhead" one time and try to explain it. Good luck with that one

Thanks for reading


Anonymous said...


Well put.

Personally, I would have held off on spilling the beans on the origin of "Steers" until the anticipation got to a fever pitch, but hey to each his own.

I think I could probably run a 3:05 marathon if I had "any way you want it" playing on my (non-existent)Ipod as long as I didn't check my splits and notice that I was running 7 minute miles.

And of course Def Leppard can be replaced with "Welcome to the Jungle" or who was it the Beastie Boys?

Good times!!!!

commentator and stalker

L*I*S*A said...

If I can figure out what you can cut off me, can I be a member?

While I know The Steers has a long and celebrated history, perhaps the Thundering Herd is an appropriate name for a bunch of runners.

Give me the high sign and I'll find a logo. :)

Mike said...

consider it given