"Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

This is one of those forced moments to blog

It's hard to explain why, but i think i understand how a person can let a blog, and really let a Running Blog, become tedious. For the last few weeks this has become so for me.

So no, this isn't one of those moments where the author sends out a fond fairwell, a final thanks, and moves on. It's more of that internal why has this become so. After all, this started as a way to express those oh-so-introspective moments of running. The 5-plus-miles-from-home-zen and the way that my life has improved through getting into a less than round shape.

And, while i type awaiting the muse to grant me quick fingers, with better accuracy, and a moment of clarity. Which truth-be-told exist....it's more of a how and wording, and do i risk letting real feelings out, not just thoughts????

Somehow my little corner of Blog-land has morphed into a statistical wasteland. How many miles do i run, how fast, what are the goals, how i use speed work to gain an extra precious few seconds per mile, and on and on....

i like to look back on the greatest Detroit Lions coach of my lifetime, so far, i hope for a better one....Mr Wayne Fontes, who said after his first lions victory, as an interim coach, on his way to finishing the last 4 games of the miserable season which produced the great draft ability for Barry Sanders. It's not too late Barry, come back..., in which the Green Bay Packers dominated every aspect of the game, except the final score...

And so, that's may be why my little blog has become boring, to me and i assume others. It has/had taken on a life that wasn't me. Which if you know my rules for the blog, is a big no-no as i aspire to be truthful.
An oddity in this observation is that while taking so many writing classes on my stellar way to an average English major in college, is that i struggled with the aspects of technical writing most.
So my lesson is learned. As i strayed away from what i loved about running and writing, both passions suffered. To the point that my injuries have me upset about the possiblility of not finishing the Chicago Marathon. My obsession with stats may have been a contributing factor to my injury and so...
So i'm gonna right this ship now......
i like to think that all members of the X generation who grew up with FRIENDS, oh the irony, have their own infamous 5 hypothetical free romps in the sack with famous people. Y'know the freebies from marital/significant other wraith. A great sorce for fantastical discussions and while if i was to ever meet Diane Keaton in person, i am quite sure neither she, nor Pamela Anderson, Terri Hatcher, Jessica Alba, or Reese Witherspoon will feel an uncontrollable urge to get to know me, at least in the biblical sense.
Alas, with little fanfair, someone's getting booted today...no... not Diane. Ms Annie Hall is a permanent fixture, as i watched "Looking for Mr. Goodbar" at waaaaay toooo young an age, and as a newly hatched duckling becomes imprinted with the first moving object it sees as a mother, so she has been imprinted as the sex symbol for me.
It's Terri Hatcher. Sorry, although they may be real, but they haven't been spectacular in years. And fine...i'm a pig, but it's my fantasy world and aren't i allowed a little piggishness????? Besides, i'm sure Ms Hatcher is not sitting home sobbing about not being on this list.
But in my new era of enlightenment. And to balance out the ying to Pamela's yang....finish your own joke here
i am pleased to announce the newest member of the Mike's 5 Freebie's

man....i'm such an idiot, if only i had this idea earlier i could of replaced one woman with all the Dixie Chicks....wait that's a totally different type of fantasy.....and a little twisted, buuuutt...hmmmmmmm

But, God this is so sexy

Sorry, i just got lost in a thought, oh well could-ah, should-ah, would-ah

Thanks for reading


L*I*S*A said...

Do I detect a little epiphany here? Perhaps running for its own sake?

Animal said...

You write, I read. No strings, no boredom.

Stats ARE for losers; show me a statistic, I'll find a poll that can generate exactly the opposite numbers. Hell with stats.

I cannot BELIEVE Jennifer Connelly isn't on your list. MAN! Loser.

Fran said...

I like stats! Maybe that's cause I'm an engineer...

Nitmos said...

We'll enjoy your thoughts in whatever form you choose to express them. If there are no rules to your postings...don't put any rules in, right? If it's statisitics one day, fine. If it's not, fine. What does it matter? Enjoy the process. That's the important thing.

I still can't get the image of Olivia Newton-John's Physical tour, circa 1983 (around my 12th birthday!!), out of my head. And what an outstanding video (yes, that is tongue-in-cheek).

Anonymous said...

"Statistics ar for Losers"

Man I haven't heard that quote in years.

Good stuff.


Russ said...

you know the old quote:

"lies, damn lies, and statistics"...I also had a finance co-worker, who when I disputed some numbers in a new quote business case, said to me jokingly (I hope)...close the door, pull the shades, and tell me what you want the numbers to say.

Sometimes even I (Mr. Stat Geek), just run without an Ipod or HRM - just because I love running.