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Friday, August 10, 2007


That's the score. Yippee. i passed my State of Michigan Life and Health Insurance license exam.

So, on one hand i am a bit bummed that two erroneous answers now have me studying again to attempt the Series 66 Investment Advisor Law exam to be fully licensed, but i am still on track for opening my own office....

Tomorrow, i head to St Louis, MO. You bet this is looking better after passing todays exam.

Somehow, my leg doesn't hurt so much and my back feels tons better. Any relation?????

Enough work stuff, as next week will be fairly intense, let me get back to the streak....

Day 4....maybe it should be a rest day as it was the worse start in a while to get the pseudo-normal stride. Eventually the pain subsided and it turned into an almost pleasant 3 miler. The running through some pain has brought an old, borrowed mantra

"run till you can't run, walk till you can't walk, crawl till you can't crawl"

It's not so bad that i crawl yet, but i will somehow find a way to finish my next marathon.

Which being a little less than 2 months away still seems far enough away to prepare for, but....

i have opted to ponder more the WHY i run as the idea of a BQ diminishes. Given that this has been a terrible training experience, can i walk, limp, hobble, slither away from this marathon knowing that it may be slower, yet still satisfied with the fact that it will be my third in a 12 month interval???

i think i can

Now, the plan today is to end the streak at 5. So i plan to run a little today. For the record, i count a run as 2 miles or more. Why 2????

It goes back to stupid CMU days when keeping track of how many days in a row a person went drinking. 2 drinks counted as plural. ergo... drinking. Same logic applied to running

so running less than 2 miles is one run while 2 or more is running. (Yes, this is a blatant attempt to win the hearts of the running stats folks out there)

Why don't runners get tattoo's of there favorite shoe logo like bikers with HD tattoo's???

Nice segue to Lisa's decision to not get the could-be-chinese for Tyler tattoo. Go with an Aerosmith logo with Tyler Joseph replacing the band name script. i think that may be the idea to go with, as Animal will be getting a KISS something inked into his saggy man-boobs, and he wanted to go along.

Which really is the segue i wanted to get to Cranial Flatul...just call it brain fart, it's so much easier to spell

Since you will never throw away the parenting books....consider this. Think of parenting kinda like changing a poopy diaper...See this helps cause you're changing a lot right now. Now infant poopy diapers don't start all rank and unbelievably hideous. They start out small and not nearly as stinky as they'll get later. Cause if you had to start with a two-year olds mess nobody would be able to adjust. See, you and the poopy diaper evolve as the poopy diapers get nasty and nastier. By the time you're changing poopy diapers of a two year old...you can almost do it an the dinner table between courses.

Now Roz is just an extension of the poopy diaper....See, first you hit the basics...food, cleaning, health, sleep. That's it. And if you think you love this blob of flesh now...wait till you get a real smile, not one you think is a smile...the walk in the room and her eyes light up....man, it's a killer...

But back to the point....as Roz's needs change, i am sure your instinct's will kick in. Relax....she won't be asking if she can go out on a date for years...and when she does, you'll be ready then, without having to consult a book on what to expect from your teenager.

So this turned into a long winded post about advice on ignoring advice on parenting. Am i being redundant or Oxy-moronic???

And thanks Gknee for the well wishes, you seem to be my exam day good luck vibe

Thanks for reading


L*I*S*A said...

Hope you have a great week in St. Louis, and great job on the test. You'll crush the other one, no prob.

The offer to pace me is still wide open if desperation rears its ugly head again.

Mike said...

i afraid of slowing you down...


if i paced you and pushed you to run faster in could be detremental to our friendship

Gknee said...

Way to go!! Have fun in St. Louis. Will you have any free time to do the Busch Brewery Tour?

Fran said...

congratulations on the exam. You'll get those 2 questions on the other exam next time. If you switched to km, you'd only have to run 1.25 miles before you were "running"...

Animal said...

Congrats on the exam! That's awesome. And yeah, I suspect "life stress" could be inextricably related to running stress. You da man.

Do try to make time to find Grant's Farm while in St. Loo...good, free beer, and all the scrawny quasi-farm creatures you could want to pet.

I'll see you in a week; I'll have some tequila shots for you to do, and you can lick the salt off of my saggy man-boob. Bitch.

Kim said...

Oxymoronic. See you on the 18th!