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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Weekend Report:

Well, hello again happy readers, and let me report this week was a good week for training and general health stuff.

Sunday.... chest, back abs 100 crunches
Monday...ran 6 miles, 100 crunches
Tuesday...Arms and shoulders 125 crunches
Wednesday.... ran 5 miles 3 at 7:30 pace on treadmill with 800 meter warm, recover, and cool
down 125 crunches
Saturday.....12 miles outdoors, finished in 1:39 per the Garmin. 150 crunches


Quit Smoking??? Well, i seem to have relapsed a bit, but don't quit quitin', right???

Good luck to Tange, as today is his marathon in Gainesville. Make sure we get a report.....

Tuesday is Fat Tuesday, which in Detroit area means paczki day!!!!

So i figure, i'll have a poonch-key. Somebody teach the damn poles to spell....paczki is missing an N, Hamtramck is missing the I, to become Ham-tram-ick......back to the point....

These damn donuts have something like 800 calries, Polish spellng fr calories....So next weeks update, my weight may be higher...damn they are tasting, fatty, treats.....avoid the prune-filled, not so tasty.

Not Running Stuff:

A funny thing has been happening as the blog has developed over the last nearly a year. i seem to have more to say and think than i think is truly appropriate for blogging. See, to me, a blog is a quick one-hiter. i like to read lightly and move on make a point, but avoid the rhetoric, if possible. i also take notes of funny things i notice to comtemplate blogging about. Well, funny to me.

i liken it to work emails. At work, too long or too short of an email, and my brain shuts out all the info in the email. For me, it's more of what i can truly concentrate on while at staring at a computer screen. It's a hard length to define but i know it when i see it. To really think, ponder a point, i prefer to read true text.

Maybe i'm a throwback to pre-email, text, instant technology??? i like to think so. Fer instance, if you tell me a funny story or email me one, i prefer (Ha,Ha) to LOL, or let me make the distiction for myself and i'll laugh out loud too.

Anyway, i'm danger of breaking my own rule. Maybe if the margins weren't so wide???? LOL

thanks for reading


L*I*S*A said...

It was great to see you and Lisa last night. Sure wish you could have stuck around. Things got pretty damn funny with Imaginiff and Boxers and Briefs.

Mike said...

oops i almost forgot....

Tange...great job


Second in his age group.

Fran said...

You must have rock hard abs by now. That sure is a lot of crunches.

Nitmos said...

Great progress. We'll have to hit a training LR in March some time. You may be ready to challenge for a BQ by Chicago at this rate.

Don't quit quittin'. That may be the final hurdle you need for a BQ ultimately.

Raoul Duke said...

Jean Fran├žois Hamtramck was a French-Canadian from Quebec. Hamtramck isn't even a Polish word.

Only English-speakers call it 'poonch-key'. Ask a polish-speaker, it's 'patch-key'.

Anonymous said...


I sent you an email update on my marathon.

Hope you enjoy it.

Animal said...

You just blog about whatever is on your mind, and make it as long as you want...

We'll decide whether to keep reading.

...But I always do...