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Thursday, February 08, 2007


Well.... Yesterday was another run on a treadmill. 5 miles of tempo. 1 mile at 8:30 pace, 3 at 8:00, and 1 at 8:30.

i only almost fell of the teadmill one time. i tend to zone out and just run focusing on a smudge on the wall. It helps to actually visualize my true running route. Except i drift a little and an occasional heel hit the side of the runner, throwing me a bit off-balance and thrusting me back into the reality of not really moving.

Saturday is a 10 mile run. No way can i do that on a treadmill. It's gotta warm up, i gotta get outside....

Temps may be in the 20's, close enough, i'm hitting the road.

The marathon that never ends....

Well, i received my official results book and finisher certificate, suitable for framing, for the Chicago marathon. My official time was the same as my unofficial, go figure. The book is nice.

Never give an Obsessive-Compulsive this book......

"Ultra Marathon Man, Confessions of an All Night Runner"

Cause the first thing i start doing is running numbers. What pace would i have to maintain? How much weight would i need to lose to really finish? How to begin to train for an Ultra?

Then, all kidding aside with regards to the Canadian Death Race, are there any close adventure races to where i live?

Then, i find one, near Hell, MI

Turns out i know someone who runs this every year as a relay.

Never tell an Obsessive-Compulsive they can't do something.

i think, in my quest to find a race that i would be iffy about finishing, i have found one.

Two things: first, Fun Guv' vetoed it, Second my relay friend laughed at me when i asked him about it.

But i'm thinking....commit to losing 20-25 lbs, work up to 8 hr training run, get a support team together, heckuva warmup to the next Chicago Marathon.

10:45 pace should qualify for the WS 100.....

oh wait, you thought i was thinking about the 50k, not the 50 miler....

Oh well

Thanks for reading


L*I*S*A said...

I know a few people who run this race. They love it.

Russ said...

Hi Mike, thanks for the encouragement. I ran 5 outside yesterday in Livonia and it was fine...it's all about the layers (in fact, I was quite sweaty by end)...I'm doing 8 outside on Saturday, I'm sure that you will be fine. Dances with Dirt, Crim, and Kent...err..Fifth Third are three Michigan races I've always wanted to run.

Arcaner said...

I've done that at the gym while watching TV. I'll drift a little to the side and catch part of my foot on the non-sliding part. Not good.

Come to Canada!!

Bob said...

There are enough of you Michigan flolks to run that Relay! Go for it. I am off to do 10 on the tread -3 here, no penissicle for me.