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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Scoreboard: Mike 1 Artic Wind 1

Well, it goes like this. Fun Guv', again using the brain that i seem to be missing, vetoed any notion of me running in the apparantly dangerous conditions. i begged to even just run the mile around our neighborhood 6 times, stopping in to update my status every lap.

But, the look i received meant that even if my privates didn't freeze and subsequently fall off, they were not going to be put to use any time soon. Soooo, plan B.

Mother-in-Law has a nice treadmill, and only lives a few miles away. Kids like to see their grandmother, so a quick pack and we are out the door.

My treadmill cherry was popped last night. i hate to admit in a Sam-I-Am way, that the treadmill wasn't the worst thing in the world. After the treadmill/storage rack was unearthed from the stack of old junk mail, correspondence, clocks and smoke detectors in need of new batteries, Fun Guv ran her mile. Then i ran my 6.

O.K., i ran. i wasn't bundled up, no wind, just me and running shorts in a hot sweaty room, no circulation. It was a sauna. i think this may have been the first sweat to actually fall off and land on this treadmill in it's existence.

i think i'll try to do my speed work on it.

Movin' On:

Good luck to Marc St Angelo, (Tange) as his next marathon is only 12 days away. Run strong buddy and ex-roomy. Looking forward to an update from you. Tange---post a bib number and the website to the marathon to the comment section, and i'll see if i can stalk your progress.

Sad note:

MacKenzie has to deal with a loss as her 4yr old Guinea Pig.

Mary, was found dead this morning. The pet store guy told us Mary would live to be about 4 when we got her. So i think Mack did a great job with her first pet. Mary was a great part of our family and will be missed...

Mary's remains are scheduled for cremation this afternoon....

Condolences to MacKenzie may be left on the comment section of this blog. i am sure she would appreciate any thoughts....

thanks for reading


Anonymous said...


The Gainesville amrathon is going to be a really samll race (probably less than 200 runers) so i doubt that they will have up to the minute splits.

First Place Sports out of Jacksonville, FL will be doing the timing http://www.1stplacesports.com/
and the Gainesville Marathon's website is http://www.fivepointsoflife.com/5PointsMarathon.html

It might be just as easy to look me up in marathonguide.com for the results on Monday.

I am shooting for a 3:35 (dream time)and will be happy with a 3:40. I plan to go out at a 3:37:30 pace and run negative splits from mile 10 to mile 20, then we will see what happens.

MacKenzie, sorry to hear about Mary, I bet she was a great guinea pig.


L*I*S*A said...

Oh, Mack I'm so sorry about Mary. I think you did a wonderful job giving her a cozy and fun place to live, though. You should be very proud. :)

Mike, I'm proud of you, too...way to get the job done on the treadmill. They aren't the nemesis they have been made out to be. I actually love ours. Granted we spent a lot on it, but we're putting it to great use.

Bob said...

My condolences to Mac about her Guinea Pig.

Nice work on the treadmill!

I like the scoreboard, but are you updating your battle against smoking, how is that going?

Animal said...

Hey Mac, sorry to hear about Mary. I remember how happy you were when you got her, and I know SHE must have been happy to have such a good "human" to take care of her. It's always good to treat our animals well, and you did such a great job. I'm thinking of you.

Uncle Animal

Gknee said...

I never knew Mary, I'm sure though she was very happy and glad to be part of the family.

Arcaner said...

sorry to hear about Mary. My condolences. It appears that she did quite well raising her.