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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A New Toy

A couple things i love about work, providing financial advice to help people get into the homes of their dreams, and the people i work with!!

That may seem strange but i've never worked as a loan officer in a place where i felt loyalty was appreciated. i tend to be very loyal to friends and clients. To be loyal to a lending company??? Well let's just say it really doesn't happen too often for anyone in my business. That's why i've been here almost 4 years and have no desire to leave, regardless of how weak the home buying market is in Michigan right now.

Anyway, back to the people i work with:

My Boss gave us all gift cards for Christmas this year. She likes to provide these every year. They're gift catalogues that come from an Amway person she knows. So, i guess even though Mr. DeVos isn't our running our state, i have some of his companies stuff.

Anyway, this year as i thumbed through the catalogue, i found a hydration pack. i'd seen lot's of mountain biker's using these and decided to get it.

It came last week. Since the weather was real cold i figured it would freeze and haven't used it yet. Check out Russ's blog in the sidebar for a confirmation of that thought.

Anyway, i think this weekend's long run, 14 miles, is going to be the perfect day to break out my 2 liter bladder/backpack.

Tonite is going to be a 5 mile tempo, 1 mile warm up, 3 @ 8:03 (i'm going to try for faster) and 1 mile cool. The temps are in the 40's finally. Should be fun.

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It's time to put my money where my hands type. More on that later, but please check out my new work blog at the sidebar....more on that later

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Running Rabbit said...

I love new toys...especially vibrating ones!!! :-)