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Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Last Daddy-Daughter Elementary School Dance....

It was a truly wonderful affair and if any of the PTO mom's happen upon this entry....
...as Fun Guv is on the board and tends to promote my blog better than i do....
i just wanted to shout out a big THANKS for all their hard work.

Anyway, in typical DD dance fashion after we arrived MacKenzie found a friend and we sat at a table, i met her friend's Dad and the girls???.....off like a prom dress....really i should stop using that phrase as my daughters are entering that phase of scholarly life.
A couple short observations and thoughts of the night. Mack was asked to fill in a little sheet with our names on it. It also asked why her dad is so special, and a song to play. If her name was picked she would get a little box of candy.
OK fine...i did not help and Mackenzie picked this song..... (the one playing unless you stopped the song....unpause....)

Miss Independent was here, i removed it to not have it constantly repeat anymore as i updated with new post. thanks

Truthfully, the song means nothing, but Mack picked it. i was honestly surprised she didn't pick something from High School Musical but this was her choice.
Anyway, fast forward to the dance and we did all the standards, Hokey Pokey, Chicken Dance (sober, never did that before), some stupid song...slide to the left....slide to the right....jump up 5 times....whatever the damn name is, the Macarena...however the stupid thing is spelled. btw this dance is fallen out of the collective unconsious of America as i noticed none of the girls really knew it correct, thank gawd, 100 variations on a line dance. Also no dads danced to this, and of course....YMCA.
Anyway...to the point....so occasionally the DJ would introduce a selected daddy/daughter; what made Dad so special, and their song to be played... Now look, i know Mom wanted to be involved but, truthfully what 8 year old girl would honestly pick "Daddies Little Girl" without Mom's coaching??? Cause Dad??? He ain't picking that song either. Or this big winner.... "Butterfly Kisses" and of course.... "My Girl" oooh the motown sound.
So i guess in the big picture, Zen, Karma moment i realized that my daughter picked a song about being independent. She's nobody's girl,.... she's her own, even if she doesn't truly realize it with the song she choose.. The subconsoius mind is a tricky thing and i think the groundwork is there for everything i always wanted for Mack. Cues sounds of ice tea being stirred and fingers snapping
Anyway, i'm off to run 10 miles today. i'm just wasting time waiting for the sun to warm things a little bit. Post run report to come tomorrow. Hopefully no penisicles, honestly how can i use plural here?, thanks for the new word Bob.
I'm feeling a political tirade coming on....vote for mike update soon.
Registered for the Bayshore....finally.... more on that too.
Thanks for reading,


L*I*S*A said...

I gotta tell you, it was the coldest day for me, personally. I'm not sure why...I made it to mile 6, and then BAM! I was freezing. It's a cutback week anyway, so I made it almost 8 miles and now it's shower time!!

Hope your run goes well....remember, it's all about the layers!

Animal said...

Great photo! And, yeah...thanks for the new word, Bob. Good stuff, and very descriptive.

Gknee said...

What a great picture :)

Penisicles, wow...such a visual.

L*I*S*A said...

I'll probably encounter penisicles in the hospital at some point. Some yahoo fell asleep ice fishing or something similar. I'll see this person in the ER, I'm sure. ;)