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Monday, February 12, 2007

First Week of Marathon Training:

Well lets see. One down, 15 to go to the Bayshore, which i am now officially registered for. Which brings my total up to 2 marathons registered for this year.

Saturday was a beautiful day to run. The weather was in the 20's and the wind did not affect too much. Additionally, i was well layered for the cold and nothing froze and subsequently fall off. Yippee for the little battles!!!

Anyway, last week broke down to 3 runs of 6 miles, 5 miles (tempo) and 10 miles.

This week bumps up by 2 miles so i'll be hitting 6,5 and 12. The five miles are speedwork. As we are currently in a winter storm watch for the next 3 days, and up to 8 inches of snow is expected, i may be doing some treadmill stuff.

Weight is currently 200 lbs. i am working on cutting out the Carbs a little and being a little more aware of the foods i eat. French Fries, a life long friend and nemesis to losing weight and keeping it off, are going away for a little while.

Since, i have decided to actually crosstrain, i have broken out the Soloflex. We bought one a few years ago with all the attachments. Although i have not used it recently and when the weather changes i'll do more biking, i'm putting a 5 day rountine in place that involves running 3 days a week, light weight training 2 days a week, 100 crunches a day for 5 days a week.

Outta my Monday Moanin' Mind: (a la Bob Talbert)

"Blister in the Sun", somehow the Violent Femmes are mainstream classic rock enough to be used by Wendy's. This disturbs me on so many levels...

Met two IT people from Cleveland, Tennessee at the bar last night. As i am bartender to the world at the little hotel i part-time work at. So this is a thanks to Chris and Margaret, welcome to the great state of Michigan. They were interested in my blog and maybe they'll actually see this. Vote for Mike '08, moves across the mason-dixie. Sorry not a lot of politics in this entry.

"Roxanne".....not my favorite Police song, mostly thanks to Eddie Murphy and 48 hrs, but i guess it was a better choice then "Every Breath You Take"

Kudos to the Dixie Chicks for sticking to their guns, being texans i'm sure they have guns. Radio statistics say the song they played at The Grammy's has only been played 15 times since it's release, in the Detroit Metro Area, as heard on 96.3 fm 5 minutes ago. 16 including what they played while discussing it. i sure that's 16 more times than in Cleveland, Tennessee airwaves have played it.

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Nitmos said...

At some point in the early 90's it became trendy to be "alternative" and it has remained that way since. The equation 'Trendy = Alternative' makes as much sense to me as '2= 4'. Next we'll see Iggy Pop doing car commercials...er, wait...

How 'bout an update on your Just-Say-No smoking attempts?