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Monday, May 08, 2006

What a great weekend !?

Spent the whole weekend working on the lawn, landscaping, outside stuff.

i'm not sure why i feel so energized about it. Tonite i get to spread new mulch around all the freshly torn out, re-prepped flower beds, yippee!!!

Great things that happened last week:

11th anniversary with wife, btw the steel year, and
shot a 45 at golf league, took 19 of a possible 22 pts, and
Jimi played his first t-ball game.

Grating on my nerve things that happened last week:

didn't get to really run a lot on the weekend due to all the landscaping, and
focusing on work has been real difficult, and
nearly a week gone by with no updates to the blog.

guess i gotta work on a few things.

'till later


Lisa said...

Ah, it's okay. The blog can always wait. You'll get back into your running mode soon. :)

Lisa said...

Uh, your sons name is spelled Jimmy, not Jimi....nice try!

Oh and there is a nice big pile of mulch in the driveway with your name on it. Now if I can just keep Jimmy from trying to play in it!

Gknee said...

Life has a way getting in the way at times. I'm sure that things will get back on track soon.