"Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Two things have gotten me worried in the past few weeks. Just about life in general.

first... some techno cop in my company has been blocking me from updating, posting, and even accessing my blog from my work computer due to some company internet policy. For christ's sake, i'm not looking at porn. Trust me, in my business i actually have to be careful opening email's from other salesmen cause that's pretty much what they send. So here i am with at least three or four people who may get an occansional chuckle or just want to see how i'm doing, and i can't seem to update anything.

second... what the hell is the world of unlimited political correctness coming too, when i must now refer to illegal immigrants as unregistered immigrants. Now if someone wants to argue the points of class warfare with me. i will. not at this post, maybe later. but...

and i'm not going to argue about borders gates and fences and blah,blah,blah, but...

There are really two ways to immigrate to the good ole US of A. Legally and, well here i go again with semantics, but Illegally. One being the legal way and the other....illegal, or not legal, ergo illegal immigrant.

Noah Webster spins like a kids gyroscope in his grave, right next to a gyrating George Orwell, Holy Newspeak Batman.

i felt the same about the 2005 dehumanizing word du jour... refugee.

one who seeks refuge, or safety, is called a refugee. That's the definition, whether it be political, economic, or a state sponsored destuction of levies to test the effectiveness of FEMA. Sorry, i spun into conspiracy theory and class warfare there.

So in the new spirit of humanizing everything it's time to rename of illegal activities to something warm and fuzzy....

My first thought Drug Dealer

Let's go with unlicensed pharmacists

I feel better already!!!

Love the new Bruce CD. Tix's are bought for the June 17th show at Pine Knob, DTE my Arse!!


Lisa said...

Nice telling me you won't be home from dinner cuz you're working...you know we have a computer here at home that you can use to update at night. No excuses

Gknee said...

...haha... you are a funny man :) Political correctness is....well...making the world a bland place. There was a gentleman here in Jax who came from Puerto Rico and held up a sign that said "If you can't read this, learn english" His point was that there were proper channels to become legal citizens but it wasn't free. I dunno, maybe I just don't get it. Why do we only give 450k work visa a year and why are they mostly for engineering jobs, why aren't they for service, construction and farming jobs. *shrug*

Animal said...

Ooh, ooh...I got one! "Dangerous political revolutionary" can become...

(wait for it...)

"Stay-At-Home Blogger!"


Lisa said...

Please, I'm still pissed off that people can't be called


1. A person employed to handle correspondence, keep files, and do clerical work for another person or an organization.

NOT Administrative Associate, Administrative Professional or even Administrative Assistant.

You're a secretary.

Get used to it.

That being said, I'm marching to HR today and DEMANDING they change my badge at work to reflect my position.



(as opposed to II or III or IV)

Stop the madness....

On another note:
Your pace is my goal. I ran my first sub-10 min. mile today (9:52/mile). Felt pretty good. This training thing might just work.

Nitmos said...

"Why do we only give 450k work visa a year and why are they mostly for engineering jobs, why aren't they for service, construction and farming jobs."

...if the illegals are "documented aliens" instead of "undocumented aliens" then they are afforded the protection of the US government - which means wage, health insurance (if applicable), and access to courts. Undocumented aliens are cheaper - no taxes, don't have to pay a fair wage, easily disposed, easily threatened - many benefits to the employer.

Immigrants keep coming illegally because there are American employers who have a demand. Simple Supply-Demand economics here. Turn off the demand, the supply will dwindle.

Last time I checked, the beaches were just as nice in Mexico as they are in California. The lure of work brings them here. No work. No need to come. The fault lies with American employers who are taking advantage of cheap labor. A crackdown on these employers - through laws already on the books - would go a long ways to solving this "problem".

Though I'm sure there are a fair amount of immigrants coming here for a chance to see Paris Hilton. Nothing can be done about that.

Nitmos said...

'Now were you drunk or were you blind, when you left your two fine legs behind?'

Remember that around the 18 mile mark in Chicago.