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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

More information regarding Bird Flu!!!

Recent developments have given evidence that the virus has mutated to several species

As seen in the example to the left the virus has leapt to reptiles. It seemed simple enough as waterfowl, ie infected pink flamingoes and ducks must have been eaten by these animals and the virus mutated.

Floridians watch out..

O.k. new topic, back to an old topic:

i saw most of the presidents little speech on illegal immigrants. Thank Gawd it was short, but the Pistons were on and i had to bounce back and forth a lot.

i admit to agreeing with him on a few points. The first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem. But, there's always a but, if we do this temporary work permit so employers can hire people, i'm seeing a little problem.

It's already illegal for employers to hire illegal immigrants, and employers already hire them to avoid paying even minimum wages and taxes for the work being done.

So what's the incentive for these employers to hire a registered temporary worker? Won't they then have to pay some minimum amount, claim the work for tax purposes, etc...? Since they are already breaking the law hiring the way they are, doesn't it make more sense, i.e. $$$$, just to continue doing so?

A much more liberal viewpoint.... O.K. this goes through and we now have a sub-class of non-citizenry. Making much less, legally than citizens doing the same work. Wages are then driven down, and citizens are forced to take lower wages just to get work, and our new class in the workforce, is legal, continually allowed to be paid less, and cannot vote to affect policy.

Remember Ferris Bueller, anyone... anyone... what another term for trickle down economics...anyone...anyone.... VOODOO ECONOMICS

illegal immigration may just be the next front in class warfare being waged against the middle class??

ok....i'm paranoid


Lisa said...

Yep, you are.

Mark said...

I heard what I think would be a good solution. Put together a committee of Mexicans that have come here legally. Let them decide the fate of the illegal immigrates.

Gknee said...

A runner was killed by a 'gator last week. Makes you rethink your routes doesn't it.