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Friday, May 26, 2006


Here is Jimmy's latest obsession. The Chia, i can never rember if it's spelled Chia or Chea, Shrek. Ironically or more likely coincidentially, Shrek was bald in the movies. At least in ogre form.

Well, my youngest child, who loves all green skinned characters, Hulk, Shrek, Yoda..... walked away from a Christmas Mock Gift exchange with this beauty.

5 months later he still remembered we had it and, with the change in weather, the shrek planting season was upon us.

and here we are, a few days later....

of course, Jimmy thought he would just sing the Chia song over a 30 second time span and the stuff would just grow.

But everyday he would sing the song as he walked by the, ummmm i guess you call it a "planter?"

and eventually we had this.......

And i'll finish with some basic housekeeping stuff:
Haven't run since the last post, but i'm due for a good one today.
Almost done with 2 Kings and should be heading into Chronicles soon. 2 Kings is a tough read.


Gknee said...

I love the Chia Shrek! I had a Chia Pet once but was never committed to enough to be quite the Chia Pet Owner as Jimmy! You should be proud! Oh..and who doesn't like green skinned characters. Hulk, Shrek and Yoda are some of the best out there. I mean after that you just have spandex and capes.

Lisa said...

Love the Chia. I used to get these almost every Christmas from mom as a gag gift. There is a certain amount of peculiar charm to 'em.

Lisa said...
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Animal said...

That thing looks like it should be called "Chia MULLET!"

Mike said...

Yes, Animal the mullet analogy is very astute.

As a matter of fact we thought about calling it "Chia-Animal" in your honor.

Man!! i miss the late '80's

Jane Henry said...

Good luck with your marathon.

Hope you can come to my online launch party to celebrate the publication of my book: Running on Empty: Diary of a Marathon Mum.

It takes place from 8-15 June 2006
at: http://RunningonEmptyLaunchParty.blogspot.com

Hope to see you there - and tell all your running buddies!

Animal said...

I DO NOT HAVE A MULLET!! At least...not anymore. Sheesh. ;-)

Mike said...

correct not anymore.

Sorry i was not precise with the date of your mullet.