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Thursday, May 25, 2006

8:50 per mile.

Super Whoppeeee!!! That was my pace for a 6.7 mile run from Tuesday. It felt great, this was a painful run and although i still do not have a stopwatch i am very comfortable with putting this time down.

i ran the fastest and farthest yet. Sub-nine minute miles are now a realized goal. i may not always run this way, but Tuesday felt great. Funny thing though, i fell. a small area of undeveloped land, through which i run, has no sidewalk. i tripped on the edge where the sidewalk started up and had to take a few minutes to dust off and check for damage and restart the MP3.

On one hand the short rest may have helped for time, on the other it was a couple minutes from my running. How should i gauge this?

On that note my current best songs to run to(top five):

1. Crazy... i actually prefer Alanis to Seal. best line "in a world full of people only some want to fly. Isn't that crazy?"
2. It's My Life... O.K. i know Bon Jovi. insert joke here. best line "i ain't gonna live forever, i just want to live while i'm alive"
3. C'mon C'mon... Detroit's own Von Bondie's. Thank Gawd "Rescue Me" 3rd season starts soon. Best line...."C'mon, C'mon" Duh!!
4. Welcome to Paradise.. Green Day. No great lines, just a kick a$$ jam, and
5. Kickstart my Heart...Motley Crue. Same as Green Day.

What no Bruce? Sorry but Born to Run is not a great running tune, at least not current top 5. But Mary Don't Weep is creeping up, best line "Moses smote the water with a 2X4, Pharoah's army got drowned"

Sorry for any misquotes.

Btw the way...hey la di, la di, la di...= pay, me my money down. i never knew that

thanks again!!


Lisa said...

You just keep getting faster and faster...hope I can keep up with ya!

Mike said...


i'm trying. It's good to know so many others are in the same situation with running and training.

thanks again