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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Weight Watchers Journey

Came upon this blog while randomly looking at recently updated blogs last nite. i must say i was still running high on the fact that someone actually reads this stuff.

i don't know who Me is, or anything about her. i assume "her" because she has a thinspiration posts with pictures of women. So i assume Me is a woman.

In my minds eye, she probably isn't really as fat as she thinks. Most likely, i picture a late teen, early twenty something living in the stress-ridden world of comparing herself to all the top models, or worse, typical stereotypes of the way midwesterner/rust belt staters like myself think of the appearances of "California Girls".

My nine year old daughter is an athletic bean pole. Typical of a girl who spends her entire afternoons on her bike or rollerblades. Y'know what? She thinks she's fat. I mean she's nine and super athletic and real long and lanky. Fat?? not really in the description, is it?

Even though i don't have any real connection to Me, i'd like to encourage anyone reading to read her blog, and even offer some postive support. The one thing i've learned while marathon training is that you can do anything with positive support.

What the world needs now.... C'mon everybody sing along

O.K. my luck could be that Me is actually some 40 yr old, cop whose job is to bait pedophiles, which i am not, in those sting operations i keep hearing about on the news.

Again for the record, NOT A PEDOPHILE!!!

thanks for reading, i'll be back soon


Gknee said...

"What the world needs now.... C'mon everybody sing along"

....I think it if I recall something about a bag of something and a bottle of dickel...are those the lyrics?

Lisa said...

Ah yes, that reminds me...