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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Man Crush part 2

Take a moment to check out the new single.

Man, finally a song that ask the question......"Is anybody alive out there?" If you've been to a live show you know what i mean.

Man, i really love the new stuff. The hard part for non-bruce fans is well, that a lot of these tunes will be sound fantastic live. i have a bunch of "live" cd and all the studio ones (actually, i'm missing one, but it from the non-e street band two album/one release fiasco)

Guess which ones i listen to most.

okay, he talks a little in concert, but not as much as rumored.

Fun Guv loves to watch and point out that only at a Springsteen live show, do men dance in the aisles. Honestly i never noticed, as i did my white-guy-concert-bobble along to "Badlands" many years ago. But her observation is absolutely correct. Funny thing how "badlands" live at her first show turned Fun Guv into a fan.

She is my "Mary"

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L*I*S*A said...


Mike said...

well yeah, there is always the opposite opinion.

if there were more people like you, i could get better seats at the shows

Gknee said...

When we saw him here in Jax a few years ago, I think I remember Jerry chair dancing...but not in the aisles.

L*I*S*A said...

I'm sorry...I know you like him so much, Mike, that's why it pains me to type this.

Doesn't anyone else think his over-the-top patriotism is just a bit much.

I mean, come on, "Cheesburgers, french fries, the Yankees, the Red Sox..."

Ugh...it's just too much.

Workers of the world unite.

I suppose in this day and age when blue collar jobs are leaving the country, it's good to pin your hopes on a man who sings out of the side of his mouth.

Bob said...

Hey was that Silvio singing with him? I thought he got shot in the last episode of the Soprano's. Glad to see he has recovered well.

Not a big fan of the Boss but i get the whole, gotta see him live to get it deal. I respect his art though.

Just wanted to drop in and say good luck Sunday, I know you are not where you want to be but take heart, I won't be either. :-) Run strong and have fun.

Two more things.

If Michigan shuts down do I need to pay my property taxes?

And I need you to book me a room if and when I run Chicago again.


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the race!! You will do awesome.