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Friday, September 28, 2007

We have our tix for the show.

Now i just heard the album....

way cool stuff!!!!

Aaah yes, man crush

want to hear it for yourself?

the new album, a preview

Now, the chance to load this sucker into the mph3 player and listen to it while running the marathon???

that's exciting....nothing like a little Bruuuuuuce to get the blood pumping!!!!

and why bruce, cause at a very tender age i was exposed to Rosalita and i can't remember by whom or how, but Rosie's always been the tune.

As Bruce and the band previewed some stuff on the Today show, i had to watch. Man, was the Today showunprepared...better idea only book Bruce...let him just play and stop looking like idiots as you try to move to other things like... diet ideas, needlepoint....but he just keeps playing....Meredith and Matt...what a couple of tools!!!

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L*I*S*A said...

Sorry, you know my feelings about Bruce.

I had to turn off the Today show. It was just too much. Thankfully, I left the house for a run.

Mir said...

Mmm, Bruce. I've only heard the new single so far but I might pick up the album. I still like "Born to Run" the most of all though!