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Thursday, September 20, 2007

OK i hate to admit this but lately my mornings have been spent at home preparing for a day of prospecting new business. So as i prepare and catch up on some paperwork, i admit to a guilty pleasure of watching a little Good Morning America in the morning.

As my regional leader suggest writing a little each day, i'm going to force the muse back to me by taking his advice and trying to do so in this format. But after having a little white noise provided my GMA i gonna go off a on a completely different arena than i have in the past. Cause....

i gotta admit to a little sympathy for Britney Spears.....ok, sure....i watched the VMA's and yeah...what a train wreck...but c'mon...

No having a beer for 12 hours prior to seeing her kids???? Sure sounds great, we gotta protect the children and i'm all for that but...wait a minute...

i enjoy an occasional beer in the evening, and Oh my God....my kids are in the very next room. What will they think???

Or, no using of illegal drugs prior to seeing her kids... This is dumb, because by definition the drugs are....illegal. So is the court saying using illegal drugs, if she isn't seeing the kids, is OK. How can a court make this ruling???? The drugs are il....ergo not....legal.

Now sure, i agree, again, be redundant...i'm all for protecting children but....if i slippery slope this logic...what happens to stay at home moms, or dads....who may want to have a beer while watching a game on TV and maybe the kids are at home????

and really if the courts are really going to get involved with personal demons to protect our children, shouldn't we all just get in line????

Free Speech.....moving on....i gotta say that, and i'm really a liberal guy....that yahoo who caused the disturbance with John Kerry should consider himself lucky he only was Tasered!!! What an idiot....not really a free speech issue. Yes... make your point, but then to create a disturbance, and have to be asked to leave, and yeah, i watched the video, to resist arrest???

See...in a demonstration regarding free speech, don't move!!! don't talk!!!! if the police, dps,whatever escort you out...go with them.or....

you might get tasered....duh

what a moron...oh yeah, and maybe be aware of the climate around the country regarding safety concerns at universities due to Va Tech.

Fer instance....while traveling and using a public restroom in an airport...don't say things like "Man, i just dropped a bomb in there, whew, toxic" when exiting the restroom. It may be misconstrued by the authorities.

Just a little thought or two. And i haven't even had a moment to put some time into OJ's moromic misadventure. Maybe there's just too much crap in the world to actually post about?????

Thanks again


Animal said...

Glad you brought that up about Britney...while I'm no fan of her music, I feel pity that she somehow thought she'd be excused from the Music Biz Monster. That machine will eat you up & spit you out, without batting an eyelid. Yes, by all means lets outright call a 25-year old mother of two "fat" because she doesn't have the 6-pack she once did. Talk about casting the first stone...half the people who rip on B.S. probably never once put themselves out in the world to be judged so harshly. Enough, already. She's a faceless pop star like so many before her...lets move on, huh?

L*I*S*A said...

But, let's face it.

Britney is a train wreck waiting to happen. If she doesn't smarten up, she'll be dead in five years.

Mark my words.