"Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson US essayist & poet (1803 - 1882)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Aaaaah, the joy of a new first grader on the first day of school or....Pee Wee Herman as a child. You pick.

Woo, slow down...what's this two days in a row of back-to-back post. Well back by popular demand, namely Kim asking for a political rant, i felt inspired...but first...there's always a but first right????

Tomorrow morning i sit for a second attempt at the Series 66, Uniformed Combined State Law Exam. Sounds scary as i missed the first attempt by 2 questions. Quite honestly, this test sucks. It was written by lawyers and dammit can they ever just write a simple question??? appartantly not.

Wish me luck and think of where i will be at 7:30 tomorrow morning. Please Gknee, you've been a good luck omen to me.

Also...Terese, call me, since she reads this little thing once in a while, i want to discuss the merits of the Deathly Hallows, and not ruin an ending for anybody waiting for the movie in 4 or 5 years.

But on to political rants.....

VW has appartantly decided to pull out of Michigan. Basically, their office in Auburn Hills, home of the Palace, home of the Pistons and a soon to be Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band show ('nother topic/'nother day), it's purely administrative for the US operations and employes about 1000 folks. They're heading South....

So our Guv, is again scramblin' to try to keep another company from pulling up stakes and promising the world if they (VW) stay in Michigan. Just like she has been trying for the past 6 years, as companies have been heading away from Michigan.

Now right-wingers out there... love to blame the unions and love to blame the high wages companies pay to michiganders. Right-wingers love to blame our liberal governor, who is best served as a little junket representative for bridge runs (kidding, wink wink...nudge, nudge).

So, thinking about it....which i do,, and this is just a little thought, but....i'm ready for the governor to grow a set.

Next time a company pulls out of Michigan, i want her to call up the CEO and offer to help them pack. If they want to go elsewhere then go. Tired of paying high wages....go see what you get when you move everything to China....right Mattel???

The entire industrialised economy, of the world, is based upon the inventions of Henry Ford (albeit, an antisemite and ealry on supporter of Hitler, not without faults, but...) and the development of the assembly line. We did it. The mid-west work effort defines the state of Michigan.

Companies want to leave to cut cost...go!!! everybody gets what they pay for. Good luck getting people in the South to work mandatory 7 days and double shifts cause production picks up. That's what we do here.

Cheap labor will mean cheap product. So governor, ...please,....as a salesman for the past 8 years i've realized that you can't be everything to everyone, and there is a value to the work ethic inherent to the midwest. It may cost more to stay here, but the risk of moving to a cheaper work force may prove costlier.

That's a winning mentality. The idea of placating every company with tax cuts who threaten to move without them is loser thinking. i guess when i hear folks wish a business person ran things, maybe they want a salesperson in reality.

just a thought

thanks for reading


Gknee said...

Break a pencil lead! I have faith in you!

Gknee said...

My mom was telling me that Google is moving more of their offices to Michigan. Is my Mom on crack (which I have always wondered anyway) or is Jennifer really getting them to move?

L*I*S*A said...

I'm not against paying people a decent wage, but I think the unions have shot themselves in the foot by 'raping' the companies they work for, by asking for unreasonable amounts of money for a manual labor job.

The money doesn't grow on trees, and when you ask for $30/hr to do a menial task on an assembly line, guess what?

Eventually, the money tree will die.

The sad truth is that it costs more to run a company than simply paying wages...don't forget overhead.

Just my .02....

Mike said...

your .02 is always welcome. and yep, Google has been on the move here in Ann Arbor. Yay for that, not sure why really but we're getting real techno alround here.

it's 12:30 am, i ca nget 6 hrs of tossing and turning prior to rising for the test.

i'm getting a little wiggy as i've taken pracdtive test of 84,83,63 & 75 % respectively. Maybe i'm just getting tired????

Mike said...

i must be tired as i can't even type to my normal bad standard


Nitmos said...

Watch "The Big One" if you can find it in a DVD store. And then see how companies making millions/billions of dollars in profit move to another country so they can make 10% more. It's all about the shareholders and what puts money in their pockets. Not the common good. Very short-sighted thinking.

Good luck with your test.

Kim said...

Thanks for returning to the true spirit of your blog! Hope you kicked ass this morning. Personally, I'm glad to see VW move b/c my crackhead next door neighbor works for them and will hopefully go! Fingers crossed...

Anonymous said...

Prior to the war, there were two men praised by Gandhi, Churchill, GB Shaw, Andre Gide, Otto Kahn, and Toynbee as a "Man of peace", "One of the great figures in Europe", "Progressive", "Superman", "Behaves like a genius", "I particularly admire the diversity of his methods."

Hitler and Mussolini.

Don't be too hard on Mr. Ford. :-)