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Monday, September 24, 2007

Start slow and then taper off....

Well, as the entire marathon training program has been a bust due to a couple un-foreseen issues, i must admit to enjoying my last 20 miler for a while. i figure, since i really didn't train too hard a 20 two weeks before the marathon will give me plenty of time to recoup prior to the big run.

i gotta admit i feel good. My leg is still about 90% and it's still tight but not uncomfortable to run on and although i don;t plan on setting a PR in Chicago, or going for a BQ i think i will have a good time...and so the goals for Chicago '07...

1. Finish, sounds dumb but honestly this is actually more important than having fun. So much has been wrapped around my work schedule and this marathon that if i don't finish, i will feel like i let so many people down who helped organize a schedule to get me from Chicago to St Louis, a day later than i am supposed to be there.

2. Have fun....i worked hard to gather starting in a corral. i want to enjoy the feeling. i ran my 20 in just under 3 hours and felt real strong the last 2 miles. In many ways this was the strongest 20 miles ever, not due to time but the way i felt when done.

3. Beat Oprah...don't ask me why but i just like the sound of it.

4. Race the best race i can race on that day. Lord knows the unlimited positive and negative factors that may exist in two weeks. i could slip fall and give myself a concussion to running with the wind at my back the entire time in 50 degree sunny, dry conditions. If i stay honest with myself and my abilities i should enjoy the day.

Short and sweet but that's the goals, no time goals (other than Oprah), more of a zen feeling of the day...and i almost forgot...

Keep Moving Forward!!!!

Not sure why but as different songs come through my MP3 player while running certain songs become a soundtrack theme...This marathon seems to be Kid Rock's "Somebody's got to Feel This/Fist of Rage." It has seemed to inspire to fight through the injury and force myself to keep trying.

But let's move....

As my Frother, his term, invited fun guv, me and kids to meet his new daughter, we were treated to returning to CMU to attend band-day. That great day of inviting local high schools to the big university for a chance to play at a college football game, recruit potential new students, and give the marching band a week off from preparing drill and tunes....the introduction

but even better his rousing technique of wielding his little conducting stick a la Hermione trying to make a feather float in first year classes at Hogwarts. Just play along a recite Levioso, every 8 beats.

Followed by the rousing hair flips. Rock on!!!!

Or as Fun Guv says....picture Mickey Mouse trying to control of those brooms. Stay with it for the BIG FINNISH.

Honestly and it all seriousness. Congrats Scott!!! Thanks for inviting us to go. i can think of no honor greater then being asked to conduct the CMU Marchings Chips!!!!

Hey, i can count to 4, when do i get a turn???

Thanks for reading


Kim said...

That totally rocks for Scott!

As for you, mister...you've got the right attitude going in to Chicago. Now, I've bitten off more than I can chew. Registered for the Half at the Freep Marathon. HA!

L*I*S*A said...


Love it.

L*I*S*A said...

Oh, and Mike, in regard to your comment on my blog, ummmmm, did you forget that the Fun Guv will be joining you on marathon weekend?

You'll be fine.

Nitmos said...

Good goals. You'll surprise yourself in Chi-town I bet. Under 4 - based on your last 20 miler - seems well within reach.

Anonymous said...


Come on, won't you offer up a marathon goal time for us?

Enjoy your marathon and respect the distance.

Oh yeah, will you be giving the "Steers Running Club" sign at the finish line for your finish photos?


Mir said...

I think you are doing to do great! I'm glad your last 20-miler went so well; what a confidence booster.